Self-service sandbags

It is all hands on deck in the Redlands, with a “self-service” sandbagging station set up at the Redland Showground (Norm Price Park), Long Street, Cleveland from 4.30pm

Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group Chair Karen Williams said residents were welcome to collect bags and fill them themselves at a SES sandbag station.

“This service, which will continue under lights into the evening, is for those who are able to look after themselves, although we would welcome volunteers to lend a helping hand,” she said.

“This will provide peace of mind for those who may be concerned that their properties are at risk from the heavy rain which is expected to hit the Redlands after Tropical Cyclone Marcia hits the Capricorn coast early tomorrow.

“Residents, such as the elderly, who are unable to fill their own bags should still call 132 500 for assistance.’’


Drivers beware – if it’s flooded, forget it!

Redlands drivers have been advised to exercise caution as heavy rain and strong winds pushed south by Tropical Cyclone Marcia increase road risks in the City.

Redland City Mayor and Local Disaster Management Group Chair Karen Williams said wet, slippery roads, reduced visibility and the potential for flash flooding and pooling was making some road more hazardous.

“As we wait to see what Tropical Cyclone Marcia has in store for the south-east, motorists should keep in mind the message that ‘if it’s flooded, forget it’ – it could be a lifesaver,’’ Cr Williams said.

“Many locals may not realise that the average family car can be swept off the road in just 30cms of moving water and attempting the drive through still water could stall your vehicle and potentially cause a lot of damage.

“There could be fallen trees and power lines, and roads covered by water are also prone to collapse.  So whether in the Redlands or commuting home from Brisbane or elsewhere, seek alternate routes or delay your travel rather than trying to cross.’’

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Road closure information is available by calling 131 940 or visit

For more information on the weather event in the Redlands go to Council’s rolling blog on our website, which includes our Twitter feed and videos on how to prepare.