New Trade College a coup for Redland City

Redland City students and businesses are the big winners with the Australian Industry Trade College (AITC) announcing the Redlands as the location for its new education facility.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has had ongoing discussions with AITC to lure the independent co-educational senior college to the Redlands and said it would provide huge benefits to the city.

“This is a red letter day for the Redlands and is the culmination of nearly two years of discussions that started with the concept being raised with Council by Smith Family Partnership Broker Stephanie Morris and followed up with a fact-finding visit to the AITC Robina facility by Cr Paul Gleeson and local State MPs,” Cr Williams said.

“This college will provide local students in years 11 and 12 with access to quality trade training and senior education that is proven to increase future employment opportunities.

“Local businesses will also benefit from access to ‘work-ready’ apprentices and trainees.

“The AITC implements a unique curriculum which allows students to complete their Queensland Certificate of Education while training full time as an Australian school-based apprentice in the real world of industry, producing skilled employees who will ultimately benefit local businesses.

“The results speak for themselves, with 98 per cent of AITC students completing their Queensland Certificate of Education and 93 per cent graduating with a full-time apprenticeship through their AITC education.”

Cr Williams wrote to local businesses earlier this month to garner support for the Gold Coast-based trade college to set up a campus in the Redlands.

“There is a great need for apprenticeship outcomes for young people in the Redlands and AITC helps fill that void,” she said.

“Local businesses are enthusiastic and many have backed the venture by offering training and employment opportunities.

“Traditionally many young people have been forced to leave the Redlands to access training and jobs, so securing quality education and training facilities for the Redlands will deliver real benefits to the city.”

AITC CEO Mark Hands said: “The AITC is an independent senior school with a trade focus. Our goal is to create the highest standard of apprentices and trainees for industry.

“The AITC students work not only on the Gold Coast but throughout Queensland and indeed, Australia. Even through the tough GFC years, an AITC student was signed up into an apprenticeship or traineeship every two days.

“We’re looking forward to working with Redland City Council, local Registered Training Organisations and employers to expand this successful model to the Redlands.”

Cr Williams said her desire for training and tertiary institutions in the Redlands was well known and she would continue to advocate to other tertiary institutions and all levels of government.

“Quality education provides the foundations for a strong economy and an innovative business sector and I have always been a strong supporter of facilities such as AITC being situated in the Redlands,” she said.

“This commitment from AITC shows that the Redlands is increasingly being seen as a location for the employees of the future to learn.”