Economic Development Framework adopted

As part of ongoing planning for the city’s future, Council has recently adopted an Economic Development Framework to help chart a course for the city over the next 25 years.

The framework is intended to deliver real and achievable outcomes through action plans designed and delivered by business leaders.

Council’s Open for Business approach already successfully encourages investment, capacity building and reduced barriers to new and growing business.

Working directly with business and industry representatives, the Economic Development Framework will aim to leverage the Redlands’ enviable lifestyle, location and existing industry sectors base.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has said the best people to drive business growth in the Redlands are the business owners themselves.

Helping to achieve this will be the Framework recommendation for the establishment of an Economic Development Advisory Board.

The Board will include representatives from construction, education and training, professional services, healthcare and social assistance, manufacturing, retail, rural and tourism industries identified as key growth sectors for the Redlands.

The framework argues for business investment, industry value adding and opportunities for regional exports from the Redlands, pointing out the city is ideally situated on the door-step of Australia’s third largest city with easy access to a major port and international airport.

Building on strong partnerships the framework estimates will help contribute to the achievement of targets for an extra 30,000 to 40,000 new jobs and an increase in the city’s gross regional product to between $6.8 billion and $8 billion by 2041.