Council ready to battle Redlands’ mozzies

Redland City Council will immediately step up its mosquito management program following the drenching by ex-Tropical Cyclone Marcia.

Mayor Karen Williams said surveys began first thing Sunday morning followed by aerial spraying yesterday, under a plan to contain mosquito numbers.

“Mozzies can present a significant public health issue, they are more than just a nuisance as they can pass diseases to people and can also pass heartworm to dogs,” she said.

“Council’s mosquito management crew has already been out in the boat conducting surveys and will now conduct ground and aerial treatments.

“All this rain and high tides have made conditions ideal for mozzies to breed, so it is important that as a community we get on top of the issue straight away.

“Keeping them at bay will take a concerted effort by all of us, and with showers set to continue everyone can help by regularly checking there’s no unnecessary water where mozzies can breed around homes, such as in pot plant bases, boats, unscreened rainwater tanks, ponds, blocked gutters and garden features.’’


Council’s Community and Cultural Services, Environment and Regulation spokesman Cr Lance Hewlett said while Council was taking a proactive approach to managing mosquitoes, it was still likely there would be an increase in mosquito numbers over the coming weeks.

“The work we are currently doing is in addition to the aerial and ground treatments conducted year round to reduce the prevalence of mosquitoes in the Redlands,’’ he said.

“It should be pointed out however that despite Council’s best efforts, the current conditions are still likely to mean an increase in mosquito numbers in the short term.

“It is important people protect themselves from mosquitoes by wearing  insect repellent whenever mosquitoes are present, wearing long, loose, light-coloured clothing, and avoiding being outdoors during dusk and dawn.”

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