Get the facts: A response to a letter to the editor about Toondah Harbour artist’s impression

Council would like to respond to a letter to the editor entitled ‘Artist’s bad view’ that appeared in last week’s Redland City Bulletin (14 January).
In the letter, the author quite understandably expressed concern about the artist’s impression of what the Toondah Harbour development could look like.  The artist’s impression published in the RCB on 24th December was in fact an early drawing of the Weinam Creek development proposal that Council provided to the newspaper several months ago.  The drawing has nothing to do with Toondah Harbour and is unrelated to the article that accompanied it. 
It is very disappointing that such errors occurred in the RCB, especially when the article was about an issue of such importance to the community.
Residents can be reassured that the detailed plans currently being prepared for Toondah Harbour will lead to a net increase in public open space, including the retention of GJ Walter Park.   Those detailed plans will be published upon submission of a development application and prior to the plan’s final approval.