Council investigates strategic community land acquisition

Redland City Council today unanimously agreed to ensure that the strategic land holding at Birkdale currently owned by Federal Government agencies for community use remain for the benefit of the public.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Cr Alan Beard presented a Notice of Motion to today’s General Meeting asking Council instigate negotiations with the Commonwealth to acquire the 50-80 hectare site.

“Today’s decision provides strong direction for Council to commence negotiations, including obtaining valuations and detail of the Federal Government land disposal process,” Cr Beard said.

“We can then make a decision in the best interest of our community.

“There is still a lot to discuss, including a community use appropriate for the site.  We simply cannot afford to not be at the table.

“Any outcome may also include working with the State and Federal governments for a direct transfer and all options will be explored as part of the process, with a report to then come back to Council for a decision.

“Discussions over many decades have included using this site for education/university, recreation, sporting facilities and environmental reserves.

“This land is zoned Community Purpose and Conservation.  It is not zoned for housing and there is not a councillor here who would want to see a housing estate on that land.

“I know we all want to see it become a community asset, used by the community and to benefit the community.

“Today’s decision means we will at least be part of the conversation about the future use of the land, meaning the community has more opportunity to be part of that decision.”

Mayor Karen Williams said there have been numerous strategic discussions documented about the land over many terms of different councils.

“The difference today is that we have finally been advised that this land will be released to the market by the owners ACMA – we should not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity,” she said.