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Get the Facts: The use of golf buggies on island public roads

An article in the Redland City Bulletin on Wednesday 26 November 2014 entitled “Island golf buggy idea reaches the end of the road” incorrectly reported that Redland City Council had decided not to allow golf buggies to be used on Karragarra, Lamb and Coochiemudlo Islands.

Whether golf buggies are allowed on the public road network is a decision that must be supported by three independent agencies, being the Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR), the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and the road manager (Council).

The motion before Council’s general meeting on 12 November 2014 was to support residents requests to use conditionally-registered vehicles (golf buggies) on the smaller bay islands of Karragarra, Lamb and Coochiemudlo, pending support from QPS and DTMR.

Council received a letter from QPS stating that they would not support the use of golf buggies on roads for safety reasons.

Following receipt of the letter from QPS, Council resolved to note the report tabled at the General Meeting.

Hunt around for your hidden hazards

Redland City Council is urging residents to do a pre-Christmas clean-out of their sheds and storage cupboards and bring their household hazardous waste in for safe disposal at a free surrender day.

The next free Household Hazardous Waste Surrender will be held on Sunday 7 December from 9am – 1pm at Redland Performing Arts Centre car park, 2-16 Middle Street, Cleveland.

Council’s Waste spokesperson Cr Paul Gleeson said this time of year was the perfect time to get rid of unwanted household nasties.

“We have plans to open a permanent residential hazardous waste drop-off point at Redland Bay waste transfer station early next year, but it’s best not to store these materials at home longer than you need to,” he said.

“We want residents homes to be as safe as possible this festive season, so when you’re digging out the Christmas decorations, take the time to look around for unwanted household chemicals and bring them in for safe disposal.

“These are materials that you don’t want little fingers finding. They can’t be disposed in your kerbside wheelie bins, so now’s the time to do your pre-Christmas clean-out.

“All you need to do is bring your household hazardous wastes to the RPAC car park on 7 December with proof of residency and you’ll be giving yourself a great Christmas present, knowing you’ve made your home safer space for your family and friends.”

Commercial waste is not accepted at the surrender and a limit of 20L per waste type applies.

The list of accepted wastes includes:

• Herbicides and pesticides
• Paints, stains and varnishes
• Glue
• Rust inhibitors
• Wood preservatives
• Petroleum products
• Grease, coolants and brake fluid
• Acids and alkalis
• household and pool chemicals
• Smoke alarms
• Compact fluorescent Lamps (CFLs)
• Fire extinguishers

Visit Council’s website for the full list of accepted waste and other conditions.

Walker Group working on PDA vision detail

The highly respected Walker Group has been selected to provide its vision for the future of Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek marine hubs after winning the expression of interest process as preferred partner for the two declared Priority Development Areas (PDAs).

Artists concept for PDA consultation only - not a Walker Group design

Artists concept for PDA consultation only – not a Walker Group design

The timetable set for the two PDAs managed by Economic Development Queensland and Redland City Council aims to see the first sods turned in 2015.

The Walker Group’s clear commitment to community values was a key part of the decision to select it as the preferred partner to take the two projects to the next phase. The group will now be involved with developing the detail of the projects in consultation with Council, the State Government and a stakeholder advisory group.

The final design will reflect the needs of the community as outlined during the original consultation phase, including public open space, with the Walker Group keen to maintain and enhance community facilities.

The Walker Group’s planners have been analysing every public submission relating to each project which were lodged during the community discussions that preceded the Group being named the preferred developer. This has included the outcomes of the extensive Council engagement which followed the declaration of the Redlands’ Priority Development Areas by the State Government.

The Walker Group has identified community interests as a pivotal first step in creating a detailed master plan that will bring a product mix of open space and amenities, boating facilities and marina, and food and beverage precinct that the community will embrace.


PDA projects win double award recognition

Redland City Council and Economic Development Queensland received two major planning awards in November in recognition of the project work for the two Priority Development Area projects at Cleveland’s Toondah Harbour and Redland Bay’s Weinam Creek.

The two Priority Development Area projects were judged the best for any Queensland-based project by the Planning Institute of Australia (QLD).

The commendation for Excellence in Public Engagement and Community Planning recognised the efforts of Council and Economic Development Queensland in communicating the plans for the billion-dollar waterfront precinct projects to the community.

Council and EDQ have been committed to ensuring the community and industry have been properly and meaningfully involved in helping shape these vital transport hubs.

The community consultation process saw more than 2000 people engaged with their feedback helping to inform the final planning schemes for the projects.

The Priority Development Area projects were also winners of a second major accolade at the Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Wildcard state awards for innovative projects that contribute to the environment and community.

Both awards acknowledged the team’s use of Australian-first 3D visualisation technology through a downloadable app that allowed users to appreciate the scale, design and overall vision for both precincts.

This cutting edge technology was part of the project team’s comprehensive community engagement strategy that also used traditional engagement methods such as face-to-face meetings and a survey of the Redlands community, so that broad community perceptions and attitudes towards developing these key economic areas could be fully understood.

City’s event calendar to expand

The economic benefits of community events ranging from art exhibitions to cycle races and community carnivals are well recognised by towns and cities across Australian and overseas.

Events can help to activate public open space, encourage community heath and cultural activities and foster community creativity that offers both intrinsic benefits as well as direct economic benefits.

The abundant parks, open space and venues that characterise the Redlands highly valued lifestyle also offer the ideal backdrop for more event activities

Redland City Council has acknowledged this by offering a new ‘one stop shop’ for consolidated event assistance and guidance for community event organisers and by creating a strategic events role within Council that will help build a iconic calendar of City events throughout the year. Contact Community Events Officer Scott McDuff on 3829 8999 for assistance.

Council’s approach will build on the already strong calendar of activities ranging from island festivals to sporting events and community celebrations. View our What’s On calendar >>

Park better by design

Bloomfield Street Park is one step closer to becoming a vibrant centre of community events and activities.


After extensive feedback from local businesses and the community, final plans are underway to transform the popular space with improved seating and lighting, free wi-fi, new trees, a performance stage, open grass spaces and refurbished amenities.

Power will be installed in key locations to allow for events.

The result will be a flexible, family-friendly, multifunctional meeting space designed to attract new people and events to Cleveland CBD as well as providing a great spot for lunch or a break.

The tender process for construction and the park’s new play sculpture are expected to be completed by mid next year.

Updates on the park upgrade will be available on site at the next free Buzz in the Park family event from 10am-1pm on Saturday, 6 December.

Momentum building for local economy and jobs growth

Signs of strengthening growth in the local economy and jobs are evident right across the Redlands as infrastructure and investment projects start to take shape. Council’s promotion of the City as the best place in South-East Queensland to live, play and do business is also bearing fruit.

The involvement of the Walker Group in the exciting redevelopment of the Redlands’ most important coastal hubs, at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek, has brought the skill and expertise of one of Australia and the region’s most respected and award-winning developers.

Walkers’ interest in these billion-dollar developments sends a strong message that the Redlands has truly arrived as an exciting tourism and investment destination.

Council’s $1.5 million Cleveland CBD revitalisation and tourism accommodation incentives scheme is also attracting new investor attention. Two applications are now in the pipeline for 7,767 square metres of vacant land that would be transformed into a vibrant inner-city accommodation and commercial precinct totalling 94 tourist accommodation rooms and 243 apartments.

After extensive public consultation (see the story below) State Government and Council plans for a major revamp of the Bloomfield Street Park are also beginning to take shape. This newly designed precinct is at the heart of other planning that will bring activities and creative ideas to the city centre supported by an additional focus on helping attract and manage events in the city.

This year the Redlands has seen close to 20 per cent increase in development applications compared to last year. Almost 2,500 dwellings are currently approved across the city, a further 6,000 are at the lodgement stage and many more are in pre-lodgement discussions. In October more than $30 million worth of building and civil works were approved by Council, which does not include the value of the developments themselves!

While Council’s presence at the recent G20 business cafe was a chance to wave the flag for the Redlands to thousands of G20 delegates, North Stradbroke Island experienced one of its busiest weekends on record as G20 holiday makers escaped the city to this perfect island getaway right on Brisbane’s doorstep.

Council has been conducting a series of workshops with tourism industry representatives and industry consultants across the city to help refine tourism planning and support within the Redlands

With a City budget now in surplus for the first time in 15 years and the drafting of the new City Plan 2015 expected to provide clear direction and simpler access to planning decisions and process, the conditions seem right for a strong Redlands future.

Mayor Karen Williams
Redland City

Council delivers first surplus in more than a decade

Redland City Council has once again shown its strong financial performance, confirming a $14 million operating surplus for the 2013-14 financial year.

The surplus was revealed in Council’s Annual Report adopted by Council today, and signed off by the Queensland Audit Office.

“This is the first surplus achieved for 15 years and shows the financial future of the city is secure,” Mayor Karen Williams said.

“This achievement is the result of an incredible amount of hard work by Council to find new ways to deliver the best value for money to our community,” she said.

“To record our first operating surplus in more than 10 years shows just how committed this Council is to not live beyond our means and not force residents to make up the difference through big rates increases.”

Cr Williams said the surplus was achieved by identifying significant future savings in the maintenance and management of landfill sites.

“This took our financial position from a predicted operating deficit to a strong operating surplus,” she said.

“The surplus comes in addition to  us passing on to residents some of the lowest headline rates increases in South East Queensland for three consecutive years.

“In fact our headline rates have increased by less than a total of seven per cent over the past three years, while neighbouring Councils have delivered rates hikes more than double this.

“The Annual Report also shows Council continues to reduce debt and build our cash balances.

“Together these measures are ensuring the city has a bright and secure future at the same time as we are reducing ongoing cost pressures for ratepayers.”

Council’s financial services spokesperson Cr Mark Edwards said Council continued to look for operational efficiencies.

“While achieving this surplus is fantastic news and needs to be recognised, we cannot relax. We must continue to look for ways to improve the value for money for our residents,” he said.

“The current budget predicts an operating deficit of approximately $11 million due to a number of one offs and we are determined to identify further efficiencies to reduce this.”

City Plan one step closer to public review

Redland City Council today endorsed its draft City Plan, which will now be sent to the Queensland Government for review, before being opened for public comment.

Council requires state approval to release its draft City Plan for community review and held today’s special meeting to avoid any delays with this process, meaning the community will get the chance to provide feedback as soon as possible.

Council is mindful of next year’s State Government election and is keen to avoid the potential for it to hold up our new city plan which is one of the most important pieces of work currently being undertaken by Council.

Council is committed to community engagement activities for the draft City Plan 2015 it is expected the formal public consultation will begin in early in 2015, once the Minister has advised Council it can proceed.

The new City Plan is a State Government requirement and will help guide the future of the city by ensuring future population growth can be accommodated through a balance of housing types, green space and community infrastructure.

By defining appropriate zones throughout the city it will position the Redlands to take advantage of economic growth opportunities, while maintaining the distinctive character and lifestyle that makes us one of the most sustainable cities in Australia.

Residents can sign up at the City Plan website to receive regular updates on the city plan process.

Second planning gong for Redlands’ waterfront precincts

Redland City’s Priority Development Area projects have received their second major accolade from the Queensland planning industry in as many weeks.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the exciting waterfront projects at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek had won an Urban Development Institute of Australia (UDIA) Wildcard Award at the state awards on Friday night.

“This award is fantastic news and shows that these projects are not only exciting for Redland city residents but they are also recognised as leading the way on a state-wide stage,” she said.

“This UDIA award follows a commendation from the Planning Institute of Australia only two weeks ago for excellence in public engagement and community planning.

“These awards recognize the effort put into informing and engaging with the community and industry on the Priority Development Areas and show that they will create a positive legacy for the community.”

Cr Williams said the UDIA Wildcard Award category was for innovative projects that contribute to the environment and community.

“This award had a list of very high calibre entrants and recognised the team’s use of Australia-first 3D visualisation technology through a downloadable app that allowed users to appreciate the scale, design and overall vision for both precincts,” she said.

“This cutting edge technology was part of the project team’s engagement strategy that ensured the community and industry could understand the opportunities that both sites offered.

“Council and the Government also used traditional engagement methods such as face-to-face meetings and a survey of the Redlands community, so that broad community perceptions and attitudes towards developing these key economic areas could be fully understood.

“Council and Economic Development Queensland officers involved in this process can be proud that their commitment, professionalism and ingenuity have been recognised by leading industry bodies.

“These projects have achieved Queensland wide recognition twice, and we are yet to start construction, so the real excitement is still to come.

“All this is helping pave the way for the transformation of two run-down transport terminals into vibrant marine precincts which will be drawcards for locals and visitors alike while retaining their primary focus of being community gateways to Moreton Bay.

“The end result will be two magnificent waterfront precincts that we can be proud of.”

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning Jeff Seeney said he welcomed industry recognition of these two great Priority Development Areas.

“I congratulate Redland City Council for recognising the tourism and development potential of these two sites and working with Economic Development Queensland within my department of State Development, Infrastructure and Planning to make them happen,” he said.

“Our government promised at the election to deliver better infrastructure and planning and Priority Development Areas such as Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek are strong examples of our policies at work in cities, towns and suburbs across Queensland.”