Indigi launches annual digital photographic competition

It’s time again for photographers to get snapping as Redlands IndigiScapes Centre launches its annual photographic competition.

The Redlands Digital Photographic Competition, accepting digital entries from 1 – 21 November 2014, calls for people to focus their lenses on the wonderful native plants and animals in Redland City.

Redland City Council’s environmental spokesperson Cr Lance Hewlett said the competition was a chance for local wildlife and camera enthusiasts to capture ‘wild’ Redlands and win a great prize for their efforts.

“The IndigiScapes photo competition highlights that our local flora and fauna can be found all around us, from waterways and bushland to our own backyards,” Cr Hewlett said.

“With categories for junior and adult photographers, and prizes from $75 to $500 up for grabs, it’s a fun competition that’s open to everyone.

“Most of us now have a camera with us every day on our mobile phones, so the chances of capturing spectacular images of local plants and animals have never been higher.

Photos will be digitally exhibited 1 December to 5 January at Redlands IndigiScapes Centre, with winning photos also being printed and displayed.

For competition details and conditions of entry, visit

All entries must be submitted via email to or by CD. People should read the full list of conditions before submitting their entries.