City’s event calendar to expand

The economic benefits of community events ranging from art exhibitions to cycle races and community carnivals are well recognised by towns and cities across Australian and overseas.

Events can help to activate public open space, encourage community heath and cultural activities and foster community creativity that offers both intrinsic benefits as well as direct economic benefits.

The abundant parks, open space and venues that characterise the Redlands highly valued lifestyle also offer the ideal backdrop for more event activities

Redland City Council has acknowledged this by offering a new ‘one stop shop’ for consolidated event assistance and guidance for community event organisers and by creating a strategic events role within Council that will help build a iconic calendar of City events throughout the year. Contact Community Events Officer Scott McDuff on 3829 8999 for assistance.

Council’s approach will build on the already strong calendar of activities ranging from island festivals to sporting events and community celebrations. View our What’s On calendar >>