City Plan one step closer to public review

Redland City Council today endorsed its draft City Plan, which will now be sent to the Queensland Government for review, before being opened for public comment.

Council requires state approval to release its draft City Plan for community review and held today’s special meeting to avoid any delays with this process, meaning the community will get the chance to provide feedback as soon as possible.

Council is mindful of next year’s State Government election and is keen to avoid the potential for it to hold up our new city plan which is one of the most important pieces of work currently being undertaken by Council.

Council is committed to community engagement activities for the draft City Plan 2015 it is expected the formal public consultation will begin in early in 2015, once the Minister has advised Council it can proceed.

The new City Plan is a State Government requirement and will help guide the future of the city by ensuring future population growth can be accommodated through a balance of housing types, green space and community infrastructure.

By defining appropriate zones throughout the city it will position the Redlands to take advantage of economic growth opportunities, while maintaining the distinctive character and lifestyle that makes us one of the most sustainable cities in Australia.

Residents can sign up at the City Plan website to receive regular updates on the city plan process.