New online voice for Redlands precious history

Redland Libraries officially launched ‘Redland Voices’ on 30 October 2014, an initiative giving new voice to some of our City’s most treasured recollections.

Redland Voices came about through ‘Playback’, a Qld State Library project designed to digitise, preserve and provide access to un-digitised oral history material throughout the state. As one of the successful applicants, the Redlands Local History and Heritage Library has now has 20 hours of oral history material digitised.

Through Redland Voices, excerpts from the recently digitised material have been combined with photographs and made available online through the social media platform Historypin.

These rare audio excerpts can now be accessed by anyone, allowing them to be shared in the Redlands and beyond. People can also add their own stories to the pinned material.

As part of this project, Redland Libraries has also produced a digital story celebrating the history of Cleveland Railway line.

You can hear the digitised recordings at (just type a suburb into the search box and click on a photo cluster). The audio excerpts can also be found under “Redland Voices” on Youtube.

The railway digital story will eventually be made available via the Redland Libraries catalogue.