Roost management works approved for Capalaba flying fox colony

Redland City Council will undertake roost management works at a flying fox colony at Lawn Terrace, Capalaba following approval from the Federal Department of Environment.

Redland City Deputy Mayor and Division 8 Councillor Alan Beard said Council had responded to concerns from residents by requesting approval from the Federal Department of Environment to undertake the works.

“As required, Council applied to the Federal Government for permission to undertake the works under the provisions of the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999.

“The Federal Government responded this week granting permission to undertake the works provided a Species Management Plan is implemented.

“Council will now write to residents in the area to advise of the works, which are expected to be carried out from mid next week weather permitting.

“The work will involve clearing understorey vegetation to increase the break between the colony of more than 30,000 flying foxes and neighbouring residential properties.

“Works will be carried out at night when the roost is empty by Council’s Conservation Team, while spotters will be in place to check for any remaining animals before work begins.

“By using our internal Conservation Team, the work is expected to cost approximately $15,000 – less than half what had been originally estimated.”

Cr Beard said the works were in response to a number of concerns from residents.

“We have had concerns raised by residents in the area over the past 12 months,” he said.

“There have been a small number of flying foxes at the site for some time that the residents have been quite happy living with, but over the past 12 months this has built up and in a survey early July, there were approximately 34,000 flying foxes roosting at the site.”

“The size of the colony and proximity to properties has had substantial impact on residents and it is hoped works will encourage the flying foxes to roost further into bushland.

“The proposed work is designed only to reduce the numbers of flying foxes roosting in bushland adjacent to Lawn Terrace and hopefully lessen their impact on the residents closest to the roost. I wish we could do more for these long suffering residents but the action we are taking is the only course open to us at this time.”

Note: The flying foxes in the roost at Lawn Terrace include grey-headed flying foxes. As such approval is needed from the Federal Government, as this species is listed as vulnerable under the Commonwealth EPBC Act.