Koalas on the move

Keep your eye out for our koalas, because they are on the move!

This time of year heralds the beginning of key movement activity for our koalas from now until December.


Last year’s youngsters are packing up and leaving home to find a place of their own and during their travels they are often reported turning up in unexpected places.  As well as this, August is the beginning of breeding season for the adults.

One young male on the move fascinated passersby in Doig Street, Cleveland recently when he was spotted relaxing in a tree in the Council car park. The trees in Doig Street are part of a traditional route often travelled by koala youngsters.

Many people are unaware that the Cleveland area is home to a surprising number of koalas, some of which are often seen in the CBD area at this time of year. Residents are urged to leave them be and let them continue on their way of their own accord. It is when we step in and try and ‘help’ that the koalas can become confused leading to unexpected dangers.

To help them travel safely, residents are encouraged to keep their dogs confined or inside at night and motorists are urged to slow down and be alert for koala movement.

If people are concerned about the safety of a koala, they are asked to contact the Redlands Wildlife Rescue Service on 38334031.

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