Council’s ‘buy local’ policy strengthened

It will now be even easier for local suppliers to do business with Redland City Council, following Council’s decision to strengthen its ‘buy local’ procurement policy today.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the changes strengthened the existing policy and showed Council’s ongoing commitment to supporting local businesses and economic prosperity.

“The existing procurement policy, which came into effect on 1 July 2013, gives primary status to suppliers with a Redland City business address,” she said.

“Today’s adopted changes strengthen this policy, giving a scaled benefit of up to 10% for local businesses and suppliers quoting on Redland City Council jobs.

“As one of the largest organisations in Redland City, Council has substantial buying power and we want that to benefit local businesses.

“Giving ratepayers’ value for money is essential, and if we can do that while supporting a local business and investing in the Redlands’ economy, it is the best outcome for everyone.

“Council spends around $40 million locally each year and we are confident the ‘buy local’ procurement policy will continue to have a positive impact for local businesses.

“Redlands’ businesses have so much to offer and the goal is to have strong local businesses who can also compete for work beyond the Redlands, so I encourage other organisations and individuals to join us in being local and buying local.

“We also welcome feedback from local businesses and will continue to adjust the policy to ensure the appropriate support of local businesses in delivering value for ratepayers.”

The revised procurement policy does not affect existing contracts and applies to future tenders in accordance with section 228 of the Local Government Act.

For more information on Council’s policies visit the website or contact Council on 3829 8999.