Asbestos dumped on local roads cause potential health risk

Redland City Council is issuing a warning – dispose of asbestos properly or face the consequences.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said recent incidents of asbestos being dumped along local roads and in nature reserves was concerning and called on the community to help by dobbing in a dumper.

“Council has cleaned up more than two tonnes of asbestos containing material over the last three years, costing ratepayers’ money and presenting potential health risks for the community,” she said.

“Just recently there was almost 600 kg of asbestos dumped along Rocky Passage Road, including one load of 300 kg. 

“This is a massive amount and there can be no doubt it was a deliberate act, which is very concerning. 

“We believe this asbestos was dumped by a commercial operator, which seems to be the main source of illegal asbestos dumping in the city.

“Council has removed all costs for residents to dispose of asbestos correctly at transfer stations, but commercial operators still have to pay which is fair because they are often disposing of large quantities and are paid by their customers to remove the asbestos.

“Because they are paid by their customers, but then are not paying to dispose of the material correctly, they are in effect stealing from customers.

“In another incident there was asbestos dumped right next to a public boat ramp where residents including children regularly swim and canoe.

“We have reported these incidents to the police and will not hesitate to use the full force of the law on anyone caught dumping asbestos in our community.”
Council’s environmental spokesperson Paul Gleeson said there were also other hazardous substances being dumped in the community.

“There have been other substances dumped in public places, including 20 litres of Sulfuric Acid, while in another incident 200 kg of cement was dumped alongside a road reserve,” he said.

“The health consequences of exposure to asbestos fibres and similar hazardous waste are well known, so for any person or commercial business to put the health of locals at risk is disgraceful and must be stopped.

“Illegal dumping can result in fines up to $1,760 for individuals and up to $110,000 for businesses and corporations and criminal penalties can apply.

“The community should not have to wear the costs and suffer the potential health impacts of some people’s laziness and lack of consideration.

“Council continues to use in-car cameras for littering offences and static cameras at various locations across the city. 

“My warning to anyone planning to dump anything illegally is simple: don’t, because we are out to get you, either on camera or other ways and we will not hesitate to seek the maximum penalties for these acts.

“As most of the material is dumped at night or on the weekends, Council needs residents to keep an eye out for suspicious vehicles or activity and report it immediately.”
Anyone with information regarding illegal dumping can call Council on 3829 8999 or it can be reported directly to the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection on 13 74 68 or via a Smart phone or mobile device app available on their website