Reprising the sentimental bloke

Have you got a mate you’d trust to cover your back in a tight spot?  If the answer is ‘yes’, then you know an authentic Aussie bloke, says author and counsellor Peter Janetzki.

Janetzki, who has co-authored Being a Bloke with mate Michael Knight, will welcome Redlanders into his realm of real manliness at Cleveland Library on Wednesday, March 12.

“In this world of redefined feminism, blokes have been a bit lost,’’ says Janetzki, who for more than 10 years has hosted Talking Life, a talkback show on Brisbane’s 96Five Family Radio that tackles life issues from a Christian perspective.

“There are three words which define a real bloke – strength, action and character.’’
Janetzki, who lives in Wellington Point characterises blokes into four archetypes.
 “There’s the Peter Pan, fearful and no strength. He doesn’t want to grow up,’’ he said..

“There’s the modern-day eunuch … no action.

“And there’s the narcissistic and arrogant bloke, who is self-serving – he has strength in action but no character.

“Then there’s the authentic bloke, the one knows he has got strength and puts it into action for the greater good.’’

Janetzki holds up AFL legend Ron Barassi as a shining example of an authentic Aussie bloke, recounting the 2009 incident during which a 72-year-old Barassi was beaten when he went to the aid of a woman who was being attacked outside the Melbourne restaurant where he was dining.

Janetzki said men seeking a path to real bloke-hood would also do well to look to the ANZAC spirit for a clue.

“The Hall of Memory at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra captures the ANZAC spirit with 15 stained glass windows portraying 15 character traits,’’ he says.

“The South Window is about personal qualities, the West Window is social qualities, comradeship and the East Window is about fighting qualities, self control.’’

Peter Janetzki on Being a Bloke, is part of Redland City Council’s Authors in Action series, which gives residents the opportunity to hear authors discussing their careers and inspiration as a writer.

Event details:  6pm-7pm, Wednesday, 12 March, at Cleveland Library.