Get the facts – correction of Courier Mail story Saturday 22 March, 2014

Redland City Council would like to correct a story that appeared on Page 36 of the Courier Mail Saturday 22 March 2014 about Redland City’s two Priority Development Area (PDA) projects at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek.

The story entitled “Public backlash defeats development” incorrectly states plans to develop the Toondah Harbour precinct as part of the PDA process had been shelved.  This is incorrect; planning of the development is progressing and the draft development scheme is currently with the State Government to gazette.

At its General Meeting of 19 March Redland City Council voted to recommend the State Government make a number of amendments to the draft scheme in line with community feedback.  These amendments included:

  • reducing the maximum height of buildings by a third, with buildings to now be capped at 10 storeys
  • halving the maximum size of any marina to 400 berths
  • protecting open public space at both Weinam Creek and Toondah Harbour, including GJ Walter Park by committing to there being no net loss of public open space as a result of the PDAs.

Council will soon be commencing an Expression of Interest (EOI) phase for these projects through which we will invite investors to provide proposals in line with the final development scheme.  This will provide greater clarity on what could possibly be built at each site.

No development applications have been lodged yet.  Requests for proposals will be called during the Expressions of Interest phase and assessed by Council following the close of the Expressions of Interest campaign (July 2014).