Straddie bushfire update: Tuesday 7 January

3pm – Tuesday 7 January

The Queensland Rural Fire Service reports that:

In addition to the Watch and Act Message for Stradbroke Island, Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) advises multiple crews are responding to a bushfire currently burning in inaccessible country in the vicinity of Brown Lake. Crews are monitoring the situation and water bombing aircraft will be utilised. The fire may cause a significant smoke and ash hazard in the Amity Point area. People are advised to avoid the area due to the heavy smoke, which is making visibility on roads very poor. Residents are asked to close their windows and doors and keep their medication close by if susceptible to respiratory illness. Motorists should also take care and drive to conditions.



Due to windy conditions that affect loading and unloading passengers at Dunwich, Stradbroke Ferries’ fast walk on ferry is no longer operating this afternoon. In addition, only one vehicle barge is operating, the Quandamooka. The Big Red Cat is not operating. The Quandamooka will continue to run as long as conditions are suitable. It is planned to leave Cleveland at 4pm and 6pm and depart Dunwich at 3pm, 5pm and 7pm. There are no other vehicle barges. The Stradbroke Flyer (Gold Cats) for walk on passengers docks at One Mile at Dunwich and is still operating as usual.


1.20pm Tuesday 7 January

IMPORTANT WATCH AND ACT ISSUED for #Straddie by Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, please read on

WATCH and ACT Message for #StradbrokeIsland. QFES is advising residents in the vicinity of Myora Springs and Gatumba Street, North Stradbroke Island to start enacting their bushfire plans and prepare for a bushfire in their area.

At 12:30pm a large bushfire was located near Brown Lake and is heading towards the Myora Springs area fanned by 50-60km/hour south-easterly winds.

The large, fast moving bushfire is travelling in a north-westerly direction and is expected to impact the area of Myora Springs in the next two hours.

This fire is moving quickly and firefighters are experiencing difficulty in controlling it. Spot fires may occur ahead of the fire front and embers are also being thrown from the fire.

Residents are strongly advised to be prepared to relocate to a safer area if required. Leaving is the safest option for survival in a bushfire.

Well prepared and defended homes can offer safety during the fire and may be defendable.

Currently, multiple fire crews are working to contain the blaze but firefighters may not be able to protect every affected property and residents should not expect a firefighter at their door.

Residents are advised to call Triple Zero (000) if their property comes under threat.



9.10am Tuesday 7 January

Main Beach south of the causeway and Main Beach camp grounds remain closed. The airport and lakes (Blue, Brown, Keyholes) remain closed. There is an open fire ban in place.

While North Stradbroke is open for visitors, there are still active fires and closures of roads, lakes and camp grounds.

Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing has also this morning issued a direction for “no open fires or campfires on North Stradbroke Island” until further notice. This is an enforceable direction.

Alfred Martin Way (formerly Tazi Road), Brown Lake, Blue Lake, Keyholes, the airstrip and Main Beach south of the causeway (including the camp grounds) are currently closed.

There are still active fires in those areas along Alfred Martin Way. Crews are currently in the areas fighting the fires.

If you are planning to camp on Main Beach, contact Straddie Camping on (07) 3409 9668 or via email on visit the Straddie Camping Facebook page for specific information.

East Coast Road is open, however there are active fires in this area and near Yarraman Mine Road.

There is no current threat to people or property.

There have been no injuries or homes lost to the fire, which began on 29 December.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services – QFES are conducting aerial surveillance this morning to see full picture of fire.

The rain yesterday afternoon assisted the firefighting effort.

The emergency situation declared by the Queensland Police Service for the island under the Public Safety Presesrvation Act was revoked yesterday afternoon by police.

Residents and visitors are urged to be careful on the island and follow directions of emergency services personnel.

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