Significant smoke to hit Dunwich from 2pm Sunday 5 January

Residents at the northern end of North Stradbroke Island, including Dunwich, are being warned of significant smoke levels from 2pm today and overnight as a result of planned backburning that will occur at North Stradbroke Island.   

Local Disaster Recovery Committee Chair and Redland City Deputy Mayor Alan Beard said residents could expect smoky conditions as a result of the fire.

“Queensland Fire and Emergency Services has advised of large-scale backburning at four separate locations on North Stradbroke Island starting at around 2pm,” Cr Beard said.

Where there are high levels of smoke, Queensland Health recommends:  

  • minimise your physical activity outdoors.
  • when indoors, keep the windows and doors closed. Switch air conditioners to ‘recycle or re-circulate’
  • if your home gets too hot for comfort or is letting in a lot of smoky air, try to visit an air-conditioned place
  • when indoors, avoid other sources of air pollution including smoke from cigarettes and woodstoves
  • those with asthma should follow their personal asthma treatment plan
  • anyone experiencing breathing problems or chest pain should seek medical advice immediately
  • individuals who are particularly sensitive to smoky conditions should consider temporarily moving away from the smoke-affected area and staying with a friend or relative.

QFES advises that the backburning will help increase the buffer zone and strengthen containment lines on the north and north-eastern side of Dunwich.

North Stradbroke Island Councillor Craig Ogilvie said the respite centre at Dunwich Community Hall would remain open overnight.

“Power is still out at Amity Point, but it is hoped that Energex can restore power through use of generators by later this afternoon.

“It is likely that East Coast Road will close shortly after 2pm due to smoke.”