North Stradbroke Island bushfire update: 11am Wednesday 1 December 2014.

The self evacuation of approximately 900 campers from Main Beach, North Stradbroke Island due to a slow burning bushfire has begun this morning.

Below is an update from the Queensland Police Service:

Police would like to advise that at 9.30am today, plans will be enacted for the safe passage of campers leaving Main Beach on Stradbroke Island due to fire.

Campers are advised to travel to the causeway using Tazi Road (Alfred Martin Way) to Dunwich.

Please head to the Dunwich Community Hall on the corner of Ballow Road and Junner Street and register to advise authorities you have left Main Beach.

The landmark will be easily recognisable as SES tents have been erected.

Food and refreshments will be available at the centre and you will be given direction onto the barge once a traffic management plan is in place.

The objective is to have North Stradbroke Island, south of the causeway clear of people by 4pm today which will remain closed until the threat of fire has been reduced.

Straddie Camping has also posted on their Facebook page this morning that the Flinders Beach camp site is over capacity and can not accommodate any of the displaced campers from Main Beach.  If people were planning to camp at Main Beach they have asked for everyone’s cooperation in deferring their travel plans, read more here.  A reminder that anyone planning on coming to Straddie and not staying at Main Beach, you are still able to come to the island.

Other updates may be available through the Redland SES Facebook page

or the Queensland Fire and Emergency Services Facebook page or website