Get the facts: Clarification on Thornlands development approval

A report in the Bayside Bulletin on Tuesday 10 December relating to Redland City Council’s approval of a development at Thornlands needs clarification.

Council approved the Ausbuild development application for the Boundary Road site last week based on advice that it met the planning scheme provisions for the site.

Council officers assessed the application against the Redlands Planning Scheme and the proposed development was considered to comply with the scheme provisions and align with the intent of the zoning for the site.  As such it was recommended that the application be granted a Development Permit subject to conditions.

It should be made clear that the existing planning scheme made it possible for a substantial number of townhouses to be built on the site.  Council officers worked with the applicant to reach an outcome that they believe is consistent with the Redlands Planning Scheme.

The application followed a previously refused application, which is being appealed in the Planning and Environment Court.

The application approved by Council includes increased green space and a reduction in the number of lots from 259 under the refused application to 244.  It also includes a condition requiring an increase of almost $3 million in infrastructure charges which will be used to further contribute to the costs of provision and upgrade of infrastructure which the development will impact on.