Council decision protects 130 year-old tree

A 130 year piece of local history will be protected after Redland City Council today voted not to revoke a Vegetation Protection Order (VPO) on a Wellington Point Cook Island Pine.

Division 1 Councillor for Wellington Point Cr Wendy Boglary said Council’s decision was in response to feedback from the community.

“This Vegetation Protection Order was put in place following nomination by a third party and while Council is opposed to third party VPOs, the fact is there are a number of them that were previously put in place that we must now manage,“ she said.

“In relation to this particular tree Council received more than 70 submissions from the community opposed to the VPO being removed and so Council has responded by voting to retain the protection.

“Council will also look at ways to support the property owner’s to manage the health of the tree, including developing a tree management plan.

Deputy Mayor Cr Alan Beard said trees of this nature reflected the environmental character of the Redlands and were a big part of the reason many residents chose to live here.

“This tree is a widely recognised landmark, clearly visible from vantage points as far away as Manly, so this decision will enable future generations to enjoy this magnificent tree,” he said.

“At 40 metres in height this magnificent tree has become a focal symbol for the Redlands community, towering above surrounding trees and houses.

“The decision means that this tree will continue to be an example of Redland City’s environment and connection with its past for generations to come.

“A Council arborist report showed that the tree is not only healthy, but it continues to provide a unique contribution to the local landscape and is home to bird life including the Eastern Osprey.”