Take care of vulnerable residents

The Queensland Department of Community Safety is reminding residents that some people in our community may need extra help during an emergency.  They have issued the below media release with some helpful information.

Natural disasters affect everyone, but for vulnerable residents an emergency event is particularly challenging.

The State Emergency Service (SES) is encouraging residents to get to know their neighbours and assist other residents who may have difficulties during natural disasters.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Lee Johnson said residents who spoke English as a second language, were new to the area, had a disability, or were elderly or isolated may appreciate help from their neighbours.

“Get together with your community and make a plan for floods, storms, cyclones and fires, including how you will assist vulnerable residents,” Mr Johnson said.

“For example, if one of your neighbours has hearing difficulties, ensure that someone in the community makes contact with them when a weather warning is issued or cancelled.

“Offer to help residents who are physically unable to secure loose items and keep them in mind if a flood is predicted. They may need help evacuating or shifting belongings above the water line.

“A community that works together is a stronger, more resilient community and more likely to recover quickly following a natural disaster.”

Mr Johnson said there were also resources available online to help vulnerable community members.

“Emergency services and the Red Cross have developed the Emergency REDiPlan, designed to assist people with a disability to prepare for an emergency,” he said.

“Fact sheets on topics like, floods, cyclones and emergency evacuations are available in 20 languages for residents who don’t use English as their primary language.”

For further information and tips on how to Get Ready and to register for your own personalised step-by-step plan visit www.qld.gov.au/getready

Redland City Council’s Disaster Hub also has more information.