New ‘Caring for Straddie’ campaign begins

Redland City Council, Island businesses, holiday letting agents, police and community members are getting behind the new “Caring for Straddie” summer holiday campaign.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a key focus of the campaign is to encourage North Stradbroke Island holiday makers to think of the island environment and community when holidaying on ‘Straddie’.

“Council has been working with the police and island businesses to help produce a range of promotional materials based around the successful ‘Caring for Straddie’ theme adopted several years ago.

“We want holiday makers to enjoy their stay and to take away wonderful memories.

“Intending island visitors are encouraged to start by booking their holiday home with Island letting agents who have agreed to the Holiday Letting Agent (HLA) Voluntary Code of Practice (VCOP).

“Three of the islands four major letting agencies have already agreed to the Voluntary Code of Practice (VCOP).

“This is helping to manage holiday behaviour and support well managed properties for both holiday property owners and holiday makers,” she said.

Division 2 Councillor, Craig Ogilvie said the key message for holiday makers is to have a wonderful time while staying on the island, but to also remember that their holiday spot is someone else’s home.

“Noise disturbance is one of the leading problems during the holiday period and I am sure nobody wants their holiday spoilt by a call from the police or eviction from their accommodation,” he said.

“The campaign will encourage visitors to think of their neighbours and the environment, with helpful information on websites, Facebook, print advertisements and “Tips for a top stay” flyers for holidaymakers.

“A fridge magnet and other information will be available for distribution by agents to the island’s lettable properties, including key police contacts for reporting excessive noise and behavioural incidents.

“The Caring for Straddie messages also cover responsible dog ownership, taking care while driving on the Island roads, parking information, and environmental and waste disposal reminders.

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