Get our tourists ready for the inevitable

Summer in Queensland means an increase in tourists as well as an increase in storm activity.  The Queensland Department of Community Safety has issued the following media release urging locals to assist visitors by imparting their local knowledge to ensure they’re not caught off-guard.

Queensland is renowned for being a hot spot at this time of year for both international and interstate tourists and it is important they’re aware of the extreme weather mother nature can throw our way.

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services (QFES) Commissioner Lee Johnson is asking locals to do their part by imparting their local knowledge to visitors to help ensure they’re not caught off-guard.

“Many tourists may never have experienced a bushfire, severe storm, flood or tropical cyclone and might be unsure what actions they will need to take,” Mr Johnson said.

“Whether you are a local accommodation or tourist provider, work in a local café or convenience store or are even chatting to a tourist on your morning stroll, you are in a great position to pass on valuable information.

“You can tell them how they can stay up to date with warnings, ensure they know to remain indoors during a cyclone or severe storm and to be aware of the dangers associated with flash flooding.

“If you live on the coast, particularly in north Queensland, understanding what happens during a cyclone, particularly the dangers associated with the eye of the cyclone, could potentially save a life or prevent serious injury.”

Mr Johnson said many visitors may not speak English as their first language and are unaware of the resources available to them.

“There are disaster fact sheets available online in 22 different languages which outline the basic steps on how to prepare for natural disasters.  Additional rescources may also be available through your local council,” he said.

“Queenslanders are renowned for helping one another in times of need and this is a chance for them to take it that one step further and help visitors also be prepared.

“If you do a little, we’ll all accomplish a lot.”

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