Recycling nature to beautiful effect

Fibre artist Mary Elizabeth Barron draws her creativity from objects found in nature.

What might be trash to other people is treasure to the Ormeau artist in her exhibition Under Foot at the Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba from Tuesday 8 October to Wednesday 4 December.

Redland City Council arts, culture and innovation spokesman Cr Paul Bishop said Baron’s work was a fascinating example of turning everyday plant materials found in her yard and neighbourhood into art.

“This body of work has been inspired by the beauty beneath our feet on nature’s floor,” he said.

“Mary Elizabeth Barron uses the shape and texture of dying leaves, fallen bark, twigs and other plant matter and translates it into wonderful bowls and other forms that honour the essential part that natural debris and organic matter plays in the cycle of life.”

Mary Elizabeth Barron Under Foot art

Cr Bishop said the artist used papermaking and basketry techniques to create 71 intricately recycled works for the exhibition.

“This is a new departure for Mary Elizabeth as a fibre artist. Until recently she has been using old clothes in coiled basketry, and exhibiting and teaching widely in this medium,” he said.

Gallery visitors will have the opportunity to meet the artist and hear about her new work at a floor talk for the Under Foot exhibition at 11am on Wednesday 23 October.

In conjunction with the Under Foot exhibition Mary Elizabeth Barron will conduct fibre art workshops for children and teens on Friday 27 September 2013 at Victoria Point Library. To reserve a place please call Redland Art Gallery 07) 3829 8463 or email