Public notice: Adoption of a minor amendment package to Redlands Planning Scheme

Minor Amendment Package 02/2013

Notice is given under the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 that Redland City Council at its General Meeting held 9 October 2013 resolved to adopt Minor Amendment Package 02/2013 as a minor amendment to the Redlands Planning Scheme.

The 02/2013 Minor Amendment Package includes:

Home Business

  • Facilitating opportunities for a home business to be self-assessable within the Medium Density Residential zone.
  • Providing opportunity for a home business with a limited number of client visitations during specified times to be self-assessable

Excavation and Fill Code / Retaining Walls

  • Amending the provisions of the Excavation and Fill Code that relate to Retaining Walls to ensure consistency with the other parts of the Scheme.
  • Inserting and updating notations in the self-assessable development table of the Excavation and Fill Code.
  • Incorporating Retaining Walls into the Table of Assessment for Other Development within the Conservation Zone to ensure consistency with other zones.

Parking Requirements

  • Clarifying the parking requirements for a Display and Sale Activity.
  • Replacing the undefined term Mixed Commercial with Mixed Use.
  • Including a note on parking dimensions for boat storage.

Domestic Additions and Private Swimming Pools

  • Including Domestic Additions and Swimming Pools into the table of assessment of the Flood Prone, Storm Tide and Drainage Constrained Land, Habitat Protection and Landslide Hazard Overlays.
  • Including an administrative definition for Domestic Additions.

Road Design

  • Including a note to clarify design requirements for bus routes on collector streets on the Mainland.
  • Removing redundant road design characteristics for collector roads, access streets and places on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.

Service Stations

  • Amendments to address inconsistencies within the Service Station Use Code and to clarify setback requirements for corner allotments.

Zone and Overlay Mapping

  • Making a number of amendments to the Planning Scheme zone and overlay maps. Amended overlay mapping affects the following overlays:
    • Bushfire Hazard Overlay;
    • Flood Prone, Storm Tide and Drainage Constrained Land Overlay;
    • Habitat Protection Overlay; and
    • Waterways, Wetlands and Moreton Bay Overlay

The amendments to the Redlands Planning Scheme come into effect on 28 October 2013.

The amendments can be viewed at Council’s Customer Service centres and on our website.

For further information on the planning scheme amendment, please contact Redland City Council’s City Planning and Assessment Group on (07) 3829 8654.]