Island residents encouraged to swap weeds for native plants

It’s time to dig out those weeds, and exchange them for native plants that love the islands as much as we do.

Redland City Council’s IndigiScapes environmental education centre is running its popular Bay Islands ‘Trees for Weeds’ Day on Saturday 19 October between 8.30am and 10.30am at Coochiemudlo Island jetty and Macleay Island Progress Hall.

Environment spokesperson Cr Paul Gleeson said people could swap shopping bags of weeds for up to five plants at the two island events.

“This is a good time to help rid the islands of invasive weeds that are bad for the environment, and learn more about native plants that nurture local habitats and wildlife,” he said.

“All weeds are welcome but this year we are targeting two particularly bad plants, Crab’s Eye Vine and Singapore Daisy. You’re probably familiar with them both because they’re all over the place.”

Divisional Councillor for Coochiemudlo Island (Division 4) Cr Lance Hewlett said Singapore Daisy was a declared Class 3 plant pest that even smothered plants growing in sand.

“This weed gives new meaning to the term ‘ground cover’. It spreads rapidly and is difficult to control. It’s easy to spot with its bright yellow daisy flowers and glossy green leaves,” he said.

“Crab’s Eye Vine also started out as a garden ornamental. It’s a climber with small red poisonous berries that scrambles over everything in its path.”

Division 5 Councillor for Macleay Island Cr Mark Edwards, said people transporting weeds needed to take precautions to prevent them spreading.

“Residents are encouraged to ensure all weeds are well contained within bags to prevent spreading between islands during the ‘Trees for Weeds’ event,” he said.