Cat registrations remain

Redlanders will continue to be required to register their cats after Council recently voted to retain compulsory cat registrations in the interests of the environment and the community.

The Council decision follows the State Government’s announcement it would repeal sections of the Animal Management (Cats and Dogs) Act 2008, removing mandatory state-wide cat registrations and leaving it up to councils to decide whether to pass local laws requiring cats to be registered.

Animal Management spokesperson Cr Wendy Boglary said the current cat registration requirements would continue to apply for up to 12 months while Council considered the matter as part of its wider Local Laws review.

“While there is little doubt pets contribute to our quality of life, the needs of pet owners need to be balanced with the rights of the whole community,” she said.

“This Council decision is about supporting responsible pet ownership while ensuring the environment is protected from any potential negative impacts cats may bring.

“Stray cats are a significant environmental issue and each year Council has to deal with about 130 complaints relating to cats straying onto neighbouring properties, creating a nuisance and attacking wildlife.”

Cr Boglary said Council worked hard to make sure pet registration was affordable and offered reduced fees for de-sexed and micro-chipped pets as an incentive for pet owners.

“Continuing the need for cat registration and offering reduced fees for de-sexed and micro-chipped pets promotes responsible pet ownership and helps us continue to protect our natural environment,” she said.

“Registration and micro-chipping also means loved pets can swiftly be reunited with their owners should they become lost or have been impounded.

Current Cat Registration in Redlands
Current registration fees are: 3-6 month old cat  $38.10
3-6 month old cat (micro chipped)  $27.80
De-sexed cat  $38.10
De-sexed cat (micro chipped)  $27.80
Entire cat over 6 months  $72.10
Entire cat over 6 months (micro chipped)  $61.80