Redland City celebrates with QLD’s largest citizenship ceremony

Redland City will welcome almost 200 new citizens tonight in the largest National Citizenship Day ceremony in Queensland.

The new Australian citizens from 21 countries will take the Citizenship Pledge at the Redland Performing Arts Centre, in what will be the second largest Citizenship Day ceremony in Australia.

Deputy Mayor Cr Alan Beard will preside over the ceremony with families, couples and individuals from China, Hong Kong, the former Czechoslovakia, Fiji, France, Germany, India, Malaysia, Netherlands, New Zealand, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, the Philippines, Scotland, South Africa, Republic of Suriname, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Kingdom and Zimbabwe.

“There have already been more than 600 new residents welcomed to the Redlands so far this year and there are already 70 people on the waiting list for Council’s next citizenship ceremony,” Cr Beard said.

“Who can blame new citizens for wanting to call the Redlands home; this truly is the best place to live, play and do business.

“Migrants come from far and wide to settle in Redland City, drawn by our great amenities and beautiful bush, beach and bay environment.”

With Oktoberfest just around the corner entertainment at the Citizenship Ceremony will fittingly include German Bell Ringers; as well as local group Vocal Manoeuvres.

Key Citizenship facts:
– In 2012 Redland City welcomed 677 new citizens; already 2013 has seen more than 600 new citizens with a further 70 already on the waiting list for the December ceremony
– From 2007 to 2012 Redland City welcomed nearly 4000 new citizens as part of regular citizenship ceremonies.
– Australian Citizenship Day was introduced in 2001 as a day for everyone to reflect on and celebrate the gift of being Australian and the role Australian citizens have played in shaping the nation.
– The citizenship test has 20 general knowledge questions; a practice test is available here