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Wonderful wildlife holiday fun

Here is a guaranteed good day out for the September school holidays…

For parents and children looking for a unique holiday experience, IndigiScapes’ Wonderful Wildlife event offers kids a close encounter with their favourite native animals.

koala 10 SMALL

The free family fun day coincides with Save the Koala Month and will be held at the Redlands’ IndigiScapes Centre on Friday 27 September.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Alan Beard said about 800 people were expected to attend the occasion, after a big turnout at a similar family day this time last year.

“Redlands has a significant urban koala population, so we really take our environment seriously. This is a perfect opportunity to celebrate Save the Koala Month and meet a koala as well as introducing children and families to some of our lesser known but equally important wildlife,” he said.

“From 10am to 2pm there will be displays, live animal presentations, craft activities, face painting and a free sausage sizzle to keep families of all ages entertained.”

Council environment spokesman Cr Paul Gleeson said Redland City’s eco angels including the Koala Action Group, Daisy Hill Koala Centre, Wildlife Preservation Society of Queensland, Bat Conservation and Rescue and Redlands Wildlife Rescue Service would all be on hand to talk about their work, answer questions and show people what they do.

IndigiScapes is located at 17 Runnymede Road, Capalaba, and has plenty of parking. For more information about the event and other exciting environmental activities at the centre, visit

All aboard for the Garage Sale Trail

Residents are being encouraged to dust the cobwebs off pre-loved items and be part of a community event with a difference.

Redland City Council has joined the national Garage Sale Trail, an event that recognises that one person’s trash may well be another’s treasure.

Redland City Deputy Mayor Alan Beard said the event was the perfect opportunity for locals to spring clean, while providing environmental and social benefits.

“This event is the perfect opportunity for locals to come together to reduce waste while raising money either for themselves or to be donated to a worthy cause,” he said.

“By holding a garage sale, people can get to know their neighbours while giving pre-loved items a new life rather than sending them to landfill, which benefits the entire Redlands.”

Council’s Arts, Culture and Innovation spokesperson Cr Paul Bishop said the event would be held on 26 October and was open to anyone from individual households through to community groups.

“While residents can make a few dollars from unwanted possessions, community groups, schools and charities can also join in to raise much-needed funds,’’ he said.

“All people need to do is log onto the Garage Sale Trail website and register their garage sale trail.  From there the location is registered so potential buyers know where to find the bargains.

“Buyers can also use the website to create their own treasure trail by mapping items of interest.”

Cr Bishop said this was the first year Redland City Council had signed up for the event, which so far has attracted 110 other councils from across Australia.

“The initiative started four years ago in Bondi and last year each garage sale made about $400,” he said.

“Council has already registered a number of garage sales and registrations are completely free.  Not only can you grab a bargain, but you will help reuse and recycle lots of stuff.”

Sellers who register by 5 October at  can get a free information pack with fun apps to help promote their garage sale.

Also, the annual St James Neighbourhood Watch Garage Sale in Birkdale is on Saturday 19th October from 7am, with a Sausage sizzle by Birkdale Scouts.

Good gardening: Organic Insect and pest control tips

Experienced horticulturalist Linda Brennan from EcoBotanica has listed her top 5 tips for organic insect and pest control.

Our gardens and environment are teeming with life. Much of it whizzes by our heads without us even noticing. The tiny lives in our garden are mostly of benefit to our plants and ultimately to us, as they carry out pollination, pest and disease control.


My take home message from this workshop was to take care with what and who you set out to kill.

Here are my top tips for organic pest and disease control:

  1. Observe what’s going on in your garden. You’ll get to see cycles of pests and disease that are controlled without you even having to lift a finger. When pest numbers are spiraling upwards, the predator numbers are often not far behind, coming in for a free feed.
  2. Keep your soil healthy and your plants growing strongly. Healthy plants are like healthy people. Good immune systems ward off potential pests and disease. We also know through current research that plants do communicate with each other and insects through scent markers. A sick plant sends off scents that attract insects. An attacked plant also sends of \f scents that can attract predators to help it fight attack.
  3. Hand collecting and squashing of pests is easy and free. Take a copy of ‘What Pest or Disease is That’, book with you into the garden. It’s by Judy McMaugh and has great pictures. Make sure you are squishing pests not predators.
  4. Cover up susceptible fruit and plants with barrier methods such as bags and nets. A good selection are available from 
  5. As a last resort, spray with an organic spray. Start with the mildest forms of sprays as required. Eco oil and similar horticultural oils of natural origin will repel and smother most sucking insects and is ok for food plants too. For more information check out the ecobotanica website or call Linda 32063676

Linda Brennan from EcoBotanica is an experienced horticulturalist located in the Redlands who recently ran a series of organic and native gardening workshops in partnership with the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre.

Picture credit: Jewel bug #2 by John Slaney


Feedback provided on proposed new Coochiemudlo Island jetty

More than 100 Coochiemudlo Island residents converged on the island kiosk on Saturday 31 August to provide feedback on the proposed new jetty for the island.

Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett said the joint Redland City Council and Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads engagement session had captured important feedback on the design of the new jetty.

“I was very impressed with the number of residents that attended throughout the afternoon to express their views and opinions on the design of the proposed jetty,” he said.

Cr Hewlett said a proposed jetty design had been made available for residents to comment on during the engagement session, with the majority of feedback being positive.

“The most important aspects of the new jetty are that it provides safe, functional and disability access for island commuters and visitors,” he said.

“Residents also expressed a desire for the new jetty to complement the aesthetic values and beauty of the island by being as visually unobtrusive as possible.”

Cr Hewlett said residents were able to comment until 5pm Monday 9 September.

“Anyone who was unable to make the engagement session on the weekend can still provide input by contacting Council by Monday afternoon,” he said.
Comments can be provided by:

The feedback will be used to finalise the jetty design, with construction expected to begin early 2014.

“The community told us that the existing jetty, which is 30 years old, needed to be replaced and Council has listened to these concerns and is making the project a reality,” Cr Hewlett said.

“The existing jetty will continue to be used during construction to ensure accessibility is maintained throughout the project.  Necessary dredging works will also be timed to minimise disruptions.”

For further details visit Council’s website

Time for a spring clean? Redlands has joined up to be part of the national free Garage Sale Trail – Saturday 26 October!


There are 7.4 million garages in Australia. What if every one of them had a garage sale on the same day? Redland City Council has joined the national Garage Sale Trail. That means Redlanders can register their own garage sales for free.

On Saturday 26 October, join hundreds and thousands of Australians on the Garage Sale Trail. Bag a bargain or make some bucks offloading the stuff clogging up your cupboards.

Garage Sale Trail is the perfect opportunity to make some new community connections, meet your neighbours, or tap into a fresh way to fundraise – all while helping to reduce waste to landfill!

Register your Garage Sale for free or visit the Garage Sale Trail website for more information.

Redland City residents encouraged to be heard on local speed limits

Time is running out for residents to have their say on speed limits in the Redlands as part of the Queensland Government’s on-line Speed Limit Review survey.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said residents have until Friday 13 September to nominate roads where the current speed limits could be too fast, too slow, too confusing or inconsistent.

“It’s not every day we have the chance to comment on a major issue like traffic safety, which affects people’s lives, incomes and well-being,” she said.

“It is a rare opportunity for Redlanders to join thousands of Queenslanders who have already responded to the survey by naming roads, where they would like to see the speed limits changed.”

Cr Williams said although the review was initiated by the Queensland Government, it did include roads operated or maintained by councils.

“Obviously Council is very supportive of any measures to keep our residents safe wherever they are travelling in Queensland and help reduce the road toll – and that is why we are encouraging residents to use the survey to name roads they think are a problem and why,” she said.

Submissions to the Queensland Government survey can be made online at until midnight Friday 13 September or posted to Speed Limit Review, PO Box 673, Fortitude Valley Queensland 4006.

All public submissions received will be considered by the Queensland Government, in consultation with local councils, to identify a priority list of roads across Queensland to be reviewed.  


Council on the lookout for unregistered vehicles

Redland City Council is responding to community complaints about unregistered vehicles being parked at ferry terminals by stepping up enforcement in these areas.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had the power to seize unregistered vehicles, or to heavily fine owners.

“This crackdown has been prompted by community concern about the safety implications of having unregistered vehicles parked in public areas,” Cr Williams said.

“The community is quite rightly concerned that some people are driving unregistered vehicles on local roads and parking them at jetty terminals for the day after boarding the ferry to the mainland.

“This issue carries a number of potential safety and legal risks.  If one of these cars is involved in an accident, both parties have fewer legal avenues because an unregistered vehicle is involved.

“Unregistered vehicles also do not have to go through a road worthy inspection, so there is no guarantee that it is even safe to be driven on the road, raising further safety concerns.”

Cr Williams said Council had observed approximately 50 unregistered vehicles parked at the Coochiemudlo and Weinam Creek ferry terminals in recent weeks.

“The need to register vehicles is determined by the Queensland Government and exists for an important reason,” she said.

“This is a serious issue and people should not have to fear that their family or property is at risk because a minority of residents doesn’t want to play by the rules.”

Cr Williams said Council had responded to a number of complaints from residents recently.

“Under the Local Law Council has the power to seize these vehicles for public safety, but we would rather the owners do the right thing so our initial response is to try and educate people,” she said.      

“As such when we received a complaint Council investigates and if the vehicle is found to be unregistered a letter is placed on the windscreen advising that the vehicle needs to be registered or removed from the road.

“Council will then carry out a follow up inspection and if the vehicle is still unregistered and parked in a public area Council will contact the owner and issue a $220 fine and advise that the car must be either registered or moved within seven days.  If the notice has not been adhered to after seven days the vehicle will be seized.”

Cr Williams called on all residents to do the right thing and register their vehicles.

“The laws exist for the safety of all residents, so it is important everyone follows them and register their vehicles,” she said.

“Council has also had discussions with police regarding the issue and the community’s concerns.”