New koala habitat for the Redlands

Koalas in the Redlands have every reason to feel safer in their city habitat, thanks to the declaration of a 4.6 hectare site as a koala reserve.

Not only is September Save the Koala Month – dedicated to protecting our iconic creatures – but Redland City Council has been blessed with an additional parcel of land at Alexandra Hills for koala conservation.

Redlands Deputy Mayor Alan Beard said the Dawson Road Nature Refuge had been gifted to Council by the Queensland Department of Environment and Heritage Protection, and was a fantastic wildlife preservation bonus for the city.

“As you know we have a significant urban population of koalas, and we’d like to keep it that way,” he said.

“The availability of more dedicated land is very important for the Redlands to help secure our koala population.”

Council environmental spokesperson Cr Paul Gleeson said the site would enhance the city’s koala conservation program.

“We have 1,300 koalas in the Redlands and are working hard to protect and manage their preferred habitat so we can always enjoy these solitary creatures” he said.

The land will be maintained with fire breaks, weed control and slashing as part of general council operations.