Macleay Island Boat Ramp and foreshore redevelopment

A recent media item has wrongly reported that Council has ruled out a community based proposal for the capping to the low water mark of asbestos contaminated land at 14-22 Russell Terrace, Macleay Island for parking.

Council has not ruled out the proposal and the community based option (Community LAT Plan) is expected to be one of the options to be formally presented in a report to Council next month.

State funding of $600,000 was allocated to the previous Redland City Council towards the construction of a recreational boat ramp to the west of the current commercial ferry facility and adjacent to the land in question.

State funding is based on the existing ramp location proposal and the drawdown of funding for construction by 2014-15 financial year.

Council’s 2013-14 capital budget has also allocated funds for the design of the boat ramp (Stage 1) and car park (stage 2) under existing proposals.

Council is unable undertake foreshore works without State approval.

State approval is pending for the construction of the sea wall to the high water mark. Any proposal for the extension of these works to the low water mark would require a new application and the likelihood of the State’s support is unknown.

At this stage, the Department of Agriculture Fisheries & Forestry has only provided in-principle support for a works application to be submitted for the selective filling of the asbestos affected land within the mangrove area to highest astronomical tide.

Council expects to consider all the issues when the officer’s report is formally presented to Council, along with any budgetary impacts of the various options.