In-car litter cameras

People littering in the Redlands may be captured on camera thanks to new in-car litter cameras being rolled out.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the in-car cameras would enable Council officers to regulate against littering while they are driving around the community.

“People should be aware that some Council vehicles are fitted with these dash-cams, which film while they are driven around the community,” she said.

“This footage can then be used as evidence to fine people who were observed littering.”

Cr Williams said the technology was designed to not only capture isolated incidents of littering but also the larger problem of illegal dumping.

“The Redlands is known for its environmental character and is lucky to have vibrant wildlife, so we are keen to ensure this is maintained,” she said.

“Council will also be installing fixed cameras in key illegal dumping locations to catch out people who think it is alright to dump large items or loads of rubbish.

Cr Williams said the new technology would support the existing work undertaken by Council officers.

“This technology does not change the work of Council officers who are still out there undertaking proactive patrols and educating people about issues such as illegal dumping and littering; this technology is an extension of the great work our officers do.”