Council welcomes Barro “Call-in” decision

Redland City Council has welcomed the announcement by Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney to “call-in” the decision on the Barro Quarry expansion proposal.

Mayor Karen Williams said the “call-in” meant the Government would now reassess the approval process and re-determine the proposal.

“Council had formally advised the Minister of the grounds for its refusal of the application in its formal submission to the Minister in August 2013,” Cr Williams said.

“These included significant impacts on existing environmental habitats, close proximity to existing rural residential houses and local businesses such as nurseries, cafés and guest houses, as well as road safety concerns.

“Council’s decision to refuse the Barro application was a clear expression of strong community opposition to the proposal and we asked Mr Seeney to reassess the decision-making process.

“The announcement means the Minister now has the final say on the application.

“I am confident Mr Seeney will seriously consider the council’s submission, as well as the views of community members, in determining this application.”

Councillor Julie Talty said she supported Council’s vote in June against the quarry expansion proposal in response to the strong opposition of the community and the clear impacts on Mt Cotton businesses and community members.

“The Mt Cotton area includes award winning tourism and environment based businesses that will be directly impacted by the quarry expansion,” Cr Talty said.

“I acknowledge the difficulty of this decision for the Minister, but I also encourage the Minister to look at all the factors presented by Council against the expansion of the quarrying activity in this location.

“Mt Cotton’s award winning wineries, guest houses and gardens are important part of the visitor attraction of the Redlands and future tourism.

“It is also home to a strong community who have been united in their opposition to expansion of this particular activity right on their doorstep.”