Council on the lookout for unregistered vehicles

Redland City Council is responding to community complaints about unregistered vehicles being parked at ferry terminals by stepping up enforcement in these areas.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had the power to seize unregistered vehicles, or to heavily fine owners.

“This crackdown has been prompted by community concern about the safety implications of having unregistered vehicles parked in public areas,” Cr Williams said.

“The community is quite rightly concerned that some people are driving unregistered vehicles on local roads and parking them at jetty terminals for the day after boarding the ferry to the mainland.

“This issue carries a number of potential safety and legal risks.  If one of these cars is involved in an accident, both parties have fewer legal avenues because an unregistered vehicle is involved.

“Unregistered vehicles also do not have to go through a road worthy inspection, so there is no guarantee that it is even safe to be driven on the road, raising further safety concerns.”

Cr Williams said Council had observed approximately 50 unregistered vehicles parked at the Coochiemudlo and Weinam Creek ferry terminals in recent weeks.

“The need to register vehicles is determined by the Queensland Government and exists for an important reason,” she said.

“This is a serious issue and people should not have to fear that their family or property is at risk because a minority of residents doesn’t want to play by the rules.”

Cr Williams said Council had responded to a number of complaints from residents recently.

“Under the Local Law Council has the power to seize these vehicles for public safety, but we would rather the owners do the right thing so our initial response is to try and educate people,” she said.      

“As such when we received a complaint Council investigates and if the vehicle is found to be unregistered a letter is placed on the windscreen advising that the vehicle needs to be registered or removed from the road.

“Council will then carry out a follow up inspection and if the vehicle is still unregistered and parked in a public area Council will contact the owner and issue a $220 fine and advise that the car must be either registered or moved within seven days.  If the notice has not been adhered to after seven days the vehicle will be seized.”

Cr Williams called on all residents to do the right thing and register their vehicles.

“The laws exist for the safety of all residents, so it is important everyone follows them and register their vehicles,” she said.

“Council has also had discussions with police regarding the issue and the community’s concerns.”