Coochiemudlo Island dredging to begin

Redland City Council has assured the Coochiemudlo Island community that the proposed beginning of dredging work next week for the islands new jetty will be conducted in a manner to minimise any impacts on recreational activities.

The dredging contactor is expected to set up operations on the site on 30 September following Notices to Mariners from the Brisbane Regional Harbour Master which sets out an exclusion zone for the dredge operations.

Division 4 Councillor Lance Hewlett said Council has been advised that the dredging contractor will only begin working at the furthest end of the dredging boundary in the coming week.

“This means the dredging operation will start 100 metres away from the beach low tide mark during the last week of the school holidays and 75 metres out from the end of the jetty,” Cr Hewlett said.

‘Main beach, which has a tidal zone 20 metres wide, will remain totally open during dredging operations with signs erected to advise boat users and swimmers of the dredging exclusion.

“The dredging exclusion zone will also be clearly marked by yellow buoys’.

“The timing of the dredge operation has had to factor in a range of issues including the availability of a suitable contractor and expected marine and weather conditions.

“The completion of dredging work at this time will avoid less favourable tidal and weather conditions later in the year and allow the dredging to be completed in time for the new jetty construction to begin early in 2014.

“The predicted tidal and weather conditions in the coming week are expected to help minimise the limited potential for any inconvenience to recreational users during the holidays, with no fast running tides and suitable wind directions predicted.

“This means that swimmers will continue to be able safely use the beach and recreational boat users will have clear access around the designated dredging zone.

“As always swimmers are encouraged to swim in the designated areas when the beach is patrolled by volunteer surf lifesavers.

“The conditions of the dredging permits also provide for monitoring of dredge operations and the dredge operator will also work in conjunction with the ferry timetable so there will be no disruption to ferry services.”