Universal yet unique exhibition for the Redlands

The plurality of patterns and singularity of prints will be the focus of two contrasting exhibitions by local artists at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland.

Pattern: A Universal Phenomenon by Kay Faulkner is a statement on the universality of design, while The art of printmaking: Limited edition prints gives an insight into the work of Brian Hatch, one of Queensland’s pioneer printmakers.

They will run concurrently at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, from Sunday 25 August to Sunday 22 September.

Council spokesman for Arts, Culture and Innovation Paul Bishop (Division 10) said the exhibitions were further examples of the depth of creative talent in the Redlands.

“These exhibitions offer local art lovers a chance to experience two diverse collections from artists whose reputations extend well beyond the boundaries of their homes in the Redlands,’’ Cr Bishop said.

“Our creative artists are some of the most skilled and accomplished leaders in the region.

“It is tremendous to see our Redlands Art Gallery showcasing the work of exemplary local innovators.

“Once again, they highlight the Redlands’ standing as a significant regional art centre.’’

Through her work Faulkner, an internationally renowned master weaver who lives in the Redlands, seeks to raise awareness that every crafted pattern is the result of someone’s personal endeavour – and that common themes recur across the ages and the globe.

“Patterns that one would suspect had very local roots can also be found in another continent and many hundreds of years earlier,’’ she says.

“The same pattern may appear extensively in several mediums and in relatively common usage across cultural groups.’’

Faulkner says it is amazing how often a motif can appear in universal usage.

“It is this universality of design that is the focus of this exhibition,’’ she says.

Hatch’s exhibition of limited edition prints exposes how each print is an original work of art with slight variations making it unique.

Hatch, who studied and worked extensively in London and New York and now lives at Cleveland, was one of Queensland’s first printmakers and educators and includes plates and woodblocks in his exhibitions to help unlock the mysteries of the limited edition print.

“My approach to printmaking covers a wide variety of subject matter and techniques, and the use of a computer helps me to work out the ideas I wish to print using the appropriate medium for each image,’’ he says.

In 2008 the National Gallery of Australia bought 12 Hatch prints for its collection, with his work also represented in the Queensland Art Gallery and Redlands Regional Art Gallery.

The opening for both exhibitions will be at 6pm on Friday 23 August, with RSVPs (phone 3030 4163 or email gallery@redland.qld.gov.au) due by Wednesday 21 August.

You also can join the gallery for morning tea at 11am on Sunday 25 August and listen to the artists talk about their works from noon.


What: Pattern: A Universal Phenomenon by Kay Faulkner and The art of printmaking: Limited edition prints by Brian Hatch.

Where: Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland.

When:  Sunday 25 August – Sunday 22 September, 2013.

Admission: Free.

Information: (07) 3829 8899 or email gallery@redland.qld.gov.au.

Brian Hatch, Carlo Sand Blow 2012, collagraph on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Brian Hatch, Carlo Sand Blow 2012, collagraph on paper. Courtesy of the artist.