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Three hour parking made permanent in Cleveland

Parking in Cleveland CBD will be permanently extended to three hours following the successful completion of a trial by Redland City Council.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had trialled extending the 367 parking spaces from two hours to three hours from November last year.

“The trial showed the extended three hour parking supported Council’s goal of revitalising the CBD by allowing residents longer to shop and visit local restaurants,” she said.

“Council undertook engagement following the successful completion of the trial, showing that residents supported the extended parking periods becoming permanent.

“The extended parking period means residents and visitors can spend longer in the CBD and better support local businesses.”

Cr Williams said the extended parking periods had resulted in fewer parking infringements, showing the new arrangements were benefitting the community.

Council tourism and CBD activation spokesperson Craig Ogilvie said the extended parking timeframes would attract shoppers to the CBD.

“The three-hour parking will make it easier for locals to shop in the local area, which is great news for local businesses,” he said.

Redlands to get Bellagio by the bay

Redland City will get its own version of the Bellagio Fountain after $750,000 was bequeathed to Council specifically for the purposes of constructing a water feature in central Cleveland.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the fountain would be funded by the Redland Foundation Open Trust.

“The funding was gifted to the Redland Foundation Open Trust by the executers of Mr Ian Webster McDougall on the condition that it is used to install a water feature with lights in central Cleveland,” she said.

“Additional funding of $50,000 will be provided if the fountain is synchronised, taking the total to $750,000.

“The conditions of the funding are rather unique, but they offer the opportunity to create a distinctive attraction for the Redlands.”

Council today voted to explore options for the water feature including an appropriate location.

“This opportunity opens up potential for Redlands in terms of place making and our plans for the revitalisation of the Cleveland CBD,” Cr Williams said.

“One possible location is the Raby Bay Harbour Park, which is the nexus of water front activity in the Cleveland town centre, so we will look at it as part of the process.”

“Rome has the Trevi Fountain, Las Vegas has the Bellagio and now the Redlands will have its own signature fountain.”

Cr Williams said the fountain will also include a plaque acknowledging the late Ian Webster McDougal and the Redland Foundation.

“I would like to thank the late Mr McDougal and the trust on behalf of all Redlanders for this very generous gift,” she said.

Incidents spark fire warning

Lighting fires on Redland beaches or in the City’s parks without a permit can be costly, Redland City Council has warned.

Council’s Open Space, Sport and Recreation spokesman Cr Lance Hewlett (Division 4) said in addition to the risk of a fire burning out of control, unapproved fires could also endanger other park users.

“Camp and cooking fires can pose a real hazard in popular public areas such as parks and beaches and the consequences can be serious,’’ Cr Hewlett said.

“Children could easily burn themselves on a fire that hasn’t been properly extinguished and there is also the potential for embers to cause a major blaze.

“That’s why we have rules in place and why people who break them face an initial $550 infringement notice.

“Should the matter end up in court, the penalty could potentially be up to $5500.’’

The reminder follows several fires being lit illegally on Coochiemudlo Island.

“The rule is simple – lighting fires without a permit in council parks and reserves, including on our beaches, is prohibited,’’ Cr Hewlett, whose division includes Coochiemudlo Island, said.

The only exception is where a permanent fireplace has been established by Council.

The ban on lighting fires in the open air without a permit also applies to residential areas.

The reminder is particularly timely as bushfire season approaches.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams urged all Redlanders to think now about ensuring they are bushfire ready this year.

“The beautiful dry weather we have had in the Redlands over winter means we all must be particularly fire conscious,’’ Cr Williams said.

“You can be prepared by following the guidelines on Council’s website at

“There is no substitute for preparation and making sure you have a bushfire survival plan that everyone in the family understands.

“One of the Redlands great attractions is its wonderful open areas and conservation parks, but many of these border built-up areas.

“Don’t become complacent just because it is hard to imagine a bushfire in our suburbs. It is a possibility for which we all should be ready.’’

Redland City Council has a Fire Management Plan to minimise the risk of bushfires in the Redlands.

Universal yet unique exhibition for the Redlands

The plurality of patterns and singularity of prints will be the focus of two contrasting exhibitions by local artists at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland.

Pattern: A Universal Phenomenon by Kay Faulkner is a statement on the universality of design, while The art of printmaking: Limited edition prints gives an insight into the work of Brian Hatch, one of Queensland’s pioneer printmakers.

They will run concurrently at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland, from Sunday 25 August to Sunday 22 September.

Council spokesman for Arts, Culture and Innovation Paul Bishop (Division 10) said the exhibitions were further examples of the depth of creative talent in the Redlands.

“These exhibitions offer local art lovers a chance to experience two diverse collections from artists whose reputations extend well beyond the boundaries of their homes in the Redlands,’’ Cr Bishop said.

“Our creative artists are some of the most skilled and accomplished leaders in the region.

“It is tremendous to see our Redlands Art Gallery showcasing the work of exemplary local innovators.

“Once again, they highlight the Redlands’ standing as a significant regional art centre.’’

Through her work Faulkner, an internationally renowned master weaver who lives in the Redlands, seeks to raise awareness that every crafted pattern is the result of someone’s personal endeavour – and that common themes recur across the ages and the globe.

“Patterns that one would suspect had very local roots can also be found in another continent and many hundreds of years earlier,’’ she says.

“The same pattern may appear extensively in several mediums and in relatively common usage across cultural groups.’’

Faulkner says it is amazing how often a motif can appear in universal usage.

“It is this universality of design that is the focus of this exhibition,’’ she says.

Hatch’s exhibition of limited edition prints exposes how each print is an original work of art with slight variations making it unique.

Hatch, who studied and worked extensively in London and New York and now lives at Cleveland, was one of Queensland’s first printmakers and educators and includes plates and woodblocks in his exhibitions to help unlock the mysteries of the limited edition print.

“My approach to printmaking covers a wide variety of subject matter and techniques, and the use of a computer helps me to work out the ideas I wish to print using the appropriate medium for each image,’’ he says.

In 2008 the National Gallery of Australia bought 12 Hatch prints for its collection, with his work also represented in the Queensland Art Gallery and Redlands Regional Art Gallery.

The opening for both exhibitions will be at 6pm on Friday 23 August, with RSVPs (phone 3030 4163 or email due by Wednesday 21 August.

You also can join the gallery for morning tea at 11am on Sunday 25 August and listen to the artists talk about their works from noon.


What: Pattern: A Universal Phenomenon by Kay Faulkner and The art of printmaking: Limited edition prints by Brian Hatch.

Where: Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland.

When:  Sunday 25 August – Sunday 22 September, 2013.

Admission: Free.

Information: (07) 3829 8899 or email

Brian Hatch, Carlo Sand Blow 2012, collagraph on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Brian Hatch, Carlo Sand Blow 2012, collagraph on paper. Courtesy of the artist.

Record set straight on Toondah Harbour dredging and One Mile claims

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has thanked the Groom family, operators of the Stradbroke Flyer, for agreeing to correct misleading and damaging public claims about the treatment of the family business.

Cr Williams, Division 2 Councillor Craig Ogilvie, Member for Cleveland Dr Mark Robinson, Council officers and Department of Transport and Main Roads officers met with the Groom family on Friday to clear up inaccuracies about the Toondah Harbour dredge program and alleged bias against the family business.

“It is important that the public gets the facts.  The State Government has provided $6 million in funding for the dredging of Victoria Point and Toondah Harbour and this commitment will include dredging to the boundary of the Stradbroke Flyer lease,” Cr Williams said.

“Council and the State Government have been subjected to wildly inaccurate and damaging claims in both the media and at the ferry facilities, about Toondah Harbour dredging plans, One Mile ferry fees and parking, and an alleged conspiracy against the family business.

“There was no conspiracy. I am pleased the operators have apologised for the inaccurate information provided to the public, and committed to removing the misleading billboards and flyers from company facilities, and to retract wrong claims, including those made to the media and the Premier

“Council has been extremely supportive towards the operations of the Stradbroke Flyer services.

“I hope the agreement reached with the Groom family will now go some way to restoring damaged public perceptions. Council is committed to continuing to assist Stradbroke Flyer. “

Cr Williams said that, with the assistance of Dr Robinson, she had been calling on the State Government to expedite the dredging approvals for Toondah Harbour.

“Under their lease agreements with the State Government, commercial operators are responsible for the cost of dredging within the boundaries of their marine leases,” she said.

“There was no conspiracy, quite the opposite. Council and the Queensland Government have been working to expedite the dredging work and continue to work to address the parking problems at One Mile on North Stradbroke Island.”

The Stradbroke Flyer service currently uses a major part of the $3.2 million public recreation pontoon built in 2010 by the state government at One Mile on North Stradbroke Island.

“While this facility and adjoining carpark area were not intended as an exclusive commercial facility, Council is keen to work with the operator and the State Government to overcome resulting difficulties such as parking and bus access for passengers,” Cr Williams said.

“It is also worth noting that historically neither the State nor Council intended the One Mile area to become a large scale public transport facility.

“Lease fees paid by commercial operators to the State are collected by the Council and returned to the government. The fees are then available for major structural or safety repairs on the jetty.

“Redland City ratepayers currently heavily subsidise the total cost to operate the One Mile facility utilised by the Groom family business.

“Council has adopted a plan to reduce this subsidy over five years to achieve cost recovery for One Mile and other facilities across the city.

“This phase-in plan as well as removing the need for continued ratepayer subsidisation also prevents ferry companies being slugged with dramatic fee increases.”

Cr Williams said Council would seek State Government support for improvements to the One Mile parking situation.

“Council is committed to working with the State Government to support improvements at Toondah Harbour as a Priority Development Area (PDA) and a key part of the mainland and Island economy,” she said.

“The PDA vision for Toondah Harbour is intended to encourage the growth in services and facilities offered on both the mainland and North Stradbroke Island with the likely impact of an increase in the demand for multiple transport providers and not a monopoly service as had been claimed.”

Redland City Council fights back against vandals

Initiatives aimed at getting local youths involved in cleaning up graffiti is combining with a new vandalism tracking system to help Redland City Council fight vandalism across the city.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the new VandalTrak system would provide a faster, easier method for residents to notify Council of graffiti in the Redlands.

“Redland City Council will be the first in Queensland to use the new VandalTrak system, which allows residents to use a smart phone app to report graffiti,” she said.

“This new system supports Council’s fight against vandalism which costs the local community more than $100,000 a year and $200 million nationally.”

Cr Williams said the new VandalTrak system was being used by local social enterprise groups to report graffiti.

“Council works with local groups such as the Redland Youth Justice Services, the Cage Youth Foundation and Boystown to report and clean up graffiti throughout the Redlands,” she said.

“As well as providing a fast response to reports of graffiti, these initiatives also provide an opportunity to involve local youths in the fight against vandalism, including at risk youths, as well as youths who themselves have vandalised property.

“The combination of the new VandalTrak system and the relationships with these community organisations is proving very successful, resulting in Redland City Council processing more than 300 graffiti incidents in the past six weeks.”

Council environmental spokesperson and Division 9 Councillor Paul Gleeson said the new system was great news for the community.

“Last year alone there were 453 incidents of vandalism reported in the Redlands.  This is more than one report per day of somebody defacing, tagging or otherwise vandalising part our city,” he said.

“In order to respond to this quantity of graffiti we need the community’s help.  The VandalTrak system will make it easier for people to notify Council of graffiti and make it easier and faster for Council to respond so we clean the graffiti.

“The community and Council are sick and tired of graffiti in our city.  In the past I have taken up the fight myself and gone out to paint over graffiti in the community.

“The goal is to show graffiti vandals their unwanted tag will always have a short shelf life in the Redlands.

“Examples from cities across the world have shown that the sooner a tag is removed the less likely it is to reappear, so our relationships with social enterprises such as Boystown and The Cage mean the graffiti can be cleaned up quicker.”

Redland City Council is also interested in hearing from any community groups interested in being involved in the fight against graffiti in the area.

Redland City Council is also supporting Graffiti Census Day 15 September and is encouraging all residents to report graffiti on this day to help clean up vandalism throughout the community.

Hazard reduction burn at Capalaba: Thursday 15 August

The Conservation Fire Management Team is undertaking a planned burn today, Thursday 15 August, in the Swampbox Conservation Area, Lot 900 Lyndon Road, Capalaba (see below – area within the red boundary in the centre of the map).


Queensland Fire & Rescue Service (QFRS) communication centre has been notified. The burn will be completed by this afternoon with mopping up of the fire site occurring until the area is safe. All residents surrounding the area have been notified via letter box drop.

Planned burns are necessary to reduce the volume of forest litter fuel to assist with hazard reduction and provide conditions essential for native plant species regeneration. It is appreciated that these burns may cause some inconvenience, however all attempts are made to limit any smoke hazards from the work.

For further information, please view the Fire management page on our website or phone our fire conservation officer on 3829 8456 or mobile 0418 874 104.

Second e-waste drop off facility opens in the Redlands

Free e-waste drop off facilities at Redland City Council’s Birkdale and Redland Bay transfer stations are proving extremely popular, collecting between eight and nine tonnes of e-waste per week.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said a facility had been operating at the Redland Bay transfer station since June, with a second facility opening at the Birkdale transfer station recently.

“Our e-waste drop off facilities received 11 tonnes in the last seven days alone, which is a fantastic response from Council and residents,” she said.

“Together these facilities have prevented approximately 70 tonnes of e-waste being sent to landfill so far, saving Council and residents money.”

Cr Williams said the e-waste facilities had been set up after free-to-air TV signals had been switched off in May.

“While we are predominantly seeing analogue TVs at these facilities, residents can also use them to dispose of computers and computer accessories,” she said.

“All other reusable electronic materials that are in working order can be donated to RecycleWorld (Council’s “tip shop”) or if they are not working and are 50 per cent metal or metal components, they can be placed in to the scrap metal bins where they will be stripped and recycled.

“The e-waste facilities are part of Council’s objective of recycling or reusing as much material as possible, supporting Redland City’s environmental character.”

Acceptable items that can be dropped off at the facilities include televisions, computer monitors, hard drives, keyboards, computer mice, scanners, printers, modems, fax machines, digital cameras and photocopiers.

“All items collected are taken to a facility where they are pulled apart and the various components of glass, plastic, wire and metal are sent for recycling; in fact almost 95% of the materials are recovered for further use,” Cr Williams said.

“Council transfer stations also have cardboard and polystyrene recycling points so residents can recycle packaging from new TVs and computers.”

Redland City transfer stations:


537 – 609 Old Cleveland Rd East

Summer: 1 Sept – 31 May, 7.00am – 5.30pm (arrive by 5.15pm)
Winter: 1 June – 31 Aug, 7.00am – 5.00pm (arrive by 4.45pm)
7 days a week excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday

Redland Bay

761 – 789 German Church Rd

Summer: 1 Sept – 31 May, 7.00am – 5.30pm (arrive by 5.15pm)
Winter: 1 June – 31 Aug, 7.00am – 5.00pm (arrive by 4.45pm)
7 days a week excluding Christmas Day and Good Friday

Art quilts on show at Capalaba

The wonderful world of contemporary art quilting will be on show at the Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba, from Monday 19 August.

Each of the stunning quilts in the State of the Art 13 exhibition, which runs to Saturday 28 September, is a personal commentary by the artist, inviting the observer to see themselves and the world in a new way.


Selected by Lisa Walton, a nationally and internationally renowned quilt media artist, the art quilts created by the Queensland Quilters Art Quilts group highlight the diversity of techniques and subject matter art quilters are exploring today.

Representing the work of quilters from Redlands, Brisbane, Bundaberg, Toowoomba, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast, State of the Art 13 encourages innovation and experimentation in contemporary textile art.

The original quilts explore themes as diverse as the floods, the Australian landscape and personal stories.

Featured quilters include Sue Dennis, Mel Forrest, Linda Robertus and Kate Oszko, among others; with works ranging from more traditional techniques and materials, to art quilts incorporating hessian, denim and digital images.

This is the group’s annual juried exhibition and showcases quilts as an art form while aiming to inspire others to venture into art quilting.
Event details

What: State of the Art 13, Queensland Quilters Art Quilts group
Where: Redland Art Gallery, Capalaba Place, Noeleen Street, Capalaba.
When: Monday 19 August – Saturday 28 September, 2013.
Admission: Free.
Information: (07) 3829 8899 or email

Image: Sue Dennis’s art quilt Shake the tree (detail) 2012. Photo: Courtesy of the artist.

Get the facts: Toondah Harbour dredging

Recently there has been a number of media reports and letters distributed that contain inaccurate, misleading or blatantly incorrect information regarding dredging at Toondah Harbour.

For this reason Redland City Council feels it is important to clarify this misinformation.

The following are the facts:

Toondah Harbour dredging project

Dredging of Toondah Harbour is still occurring; no change has been made to the scope, timing or funding allocations of any dredging projects within Redland City. The Toondah Harbour dredging is expected to be completed in 2014, with Council hopeful of receiving all necessary permits from the State Government by October this year.

The Toondah Harbour dredging project is a State Government project, as are all dredging projects that occur in Queensland. Redland City Council is a contractor on this project, with our only responsibility being to issue the tender for works. The works will then be undertaken by a third party contractor.

Redland City Council received $6 million in State Government funding in 2011 for dredging projects. This funding is allocated specifically to the following three Redlands’ dredging projects:

  • Coochiemudlo Island dredging ~$400,000
  • Victoria Point dredging ~$1.1 million
  • Toondah dredging project ~$4.5 million

This funding is committed. Council is awaiting State Government permits to proceed with these projects and has written to them on three separate occasions expressing concern at the time being taken to issue the necessary permits. Council understands the importance of these dredging projects for all Redlands residents and will continue to lobby the State Government to issue the approvals so the work can proceed.

One Mile Jetty

Claims that Council has dramatically increased fees for landing at One Mile Jetty on North Stradbroke Island are incorrect. The annual cost to land at One Mile Jetty this financial year after a Council subsidy is only a 3 per cent increase from last year, in line with CPI.

Historically the cost of ALL Redlands’ jetties and marine infrastructure has been subsidised by Council, which is paid through all resident’s rates. Council has adopted a plan to reduce this subsidy gradually over a five year period to achieve cost recovery. This plan means these facilities will no longer be subsidised by all ratepayers, while at the same time ferry companies will not be slugged with dramatic fee increases, as some are claiming. As mentioned this plan applies to ALL marine landing facilities across the Redlands so claims that increases benefit some operators over others is completely false.

This week Council voted to make improvements to the One Mile parking situation, including writing the State Government as the owners of this facility.