Incentives for Cleveland CBD investment

Incentives for Cleveland CBD investment

Redland City Council is in preliminary talks with developers about two potentially substantial projects for the heart of Cleveland.

It follows Council’s creation of an incentives package to promote development in the Cleveland Central Business District.

This also is part of our drive for jobs growth across the region.

The discussions are at very early stages and subject to confidentially but, should they proceed, both projects will enhance the Redlands’ reputation as a destination in its own right.

They have yet to proceed to formal submissions but each would complement the continuing CBD revitalisation process.

The Cleveland CBD incentives package has been designed to attract a broad range of businesses, including shops, hotels and apartment buildings, offices, community and indoor recreation facilities and education and health services.

It offers investors substantial discounts on development application fees and infrastructure contributions, as well as speedy assessments and car parking concessions.

This is an important step, with revitalising Cleveland’s business and shopping heart crucial to the future of the City and its residents.

A busy business district means more jobs, particularly for young Redlanders.

Application kits are also available to help prospective investors take full advantage of the incentives.

Planning red tape also continues to be cut as part of the incentive to invest and do business in the City.