Good gardening: Top 5 tips when designing a small space

Do you have a small garden, balcony or courtyard? Linda Brennan lists her top 5 tips for designing a small space. 

1) Design your space to be a habitat for people and nature. Cooling spots, sunny areas and a range of nooks for you and the local feathered, furry and scaly population all add interest to your garden (and your life).

2) Create diversity. Butterflies, birds and wildlife will visit a garden with a diversity of plants and microclimates. Your little visitors help to control pests while providing you with enjoyment from having nature on your doorstep. 


3) Create a focal point. A focal  point attracts the eye to a special place or plant of interest in your garden. It will also draw people out into a garden.

4) When designing edible gardens, remember sun is all important for flower and fruit. Tall trees and shrubs should be planted to the south of your vegie patch.

5) Keen on edibles? Why not plant native bush tucker edibles in your garden? Indigiscapes has a range of edible native plants you can incorporate into your garden.

Linda Brennan from EcoBotanica is an experienced horticulturalist located in the Redlands who is providing a series of organic and native gardening workshops in partnership with the Redlands IndigiScapes Centre.

Next week: Soils good enough to eat.