Council responds to need for greater flexibility in Weinam Creek mooring permits

Redland City Council has reinstated a 48-hour permit to the new mooring options for the Weinam Creek marina, offering users more flexibility.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Council had adopted new flexible mooring permits in June following feedback from the community, which would now be complemented by the reinstatement of 48-hour option.

“Previously the only permit available to marina users was the 48-hour option, which allowed users to use the marina for 48 hours before having to vacate the marina for 48-hours,” she said.

“Council received feedback that the 48-hour mooring option did not provide the marina users with enough flexibility and did not suit people travelling to the mainland regularly,” she said.

“As such we changed the mooring options to include weekend, five day (Monday to Friday) and full week (seven day) permits, to provide greater flexibility for people travelling from the islands to the mainland regularly.”

“Feedback following this change has indicated that some residents still use the marine for short periods of time and as such the 48-hour mooring option will be reinstated.”

Division 5 Councillor Mark Edwards said Council had listened to feedback from the community in making the decision.

“The new permits offer greater flexibility to both long and short term marina users,” Cr Edwards said.

“The new permits also allow for more sustainable cost recovery by Council which means the marina facilities are not being subsidised by all ratepayers.”

Cr Edwards said Council had extended all existing permits until the amended mooring options could be implemented.

“The next step will be for Council to write to all marina users advising them of the new permits and asking them to nominate what permit they will use, after this the new permits will be implemented,” he said.

“Council has extended all existing permits while this is occurring.”