Hazard reduction burns on Russell Island: Tuesday 30 July to Thursday 1 August

Our Conservation Fire Management Team in conjunction with Queensland Fire and Rescue Service (QFRS) Urban and Rural will be undertaking a series of hazard reduction burns this week on Russell Island.

The planned burns will take place from Tuesday 30 July to Thursday 1 August 2013 at the following locations: 

  • Melomy’s Wetlands (see first map below) corner of Centre and Glendale Roads, Russell Island. 
  • Turtle Swamp Wetlands (see second map below) corner of Coveden Crescent and Boeing Ridge Road, Russell Island.

russellisland02 russellisland01

Planned burns are necessary to reduce the volume of forest litter fuel to assist with hazard reduction and provide conditions essential for native plant species regeneration. It is appreciated that these burns may cause some inconvenience, however all attempts are made to limit any smoke hazards from the work.

The Queensland Fire & Rescue Service (QFRS) communications centre have been notified of the planned burns. 

The burn will be completed by Friday afternoon with mopping up of the fire site occurring until the area is safe.

For further information, please view the Fire management page on our website or phone our fire conservation officer on 3829 8456 or mobile 0418 874 104.