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Celebrate NAIDOC Week with contemporary Aboriginal art at Redland Art Gallery

Redland City Council is celebrating NAIDOC Week (7-14 July 2013) by hosting an extraordinary private collection of Aboriginal art at the Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland.

An Architect’s Eye: The John Mainwaring Collection will be on show from Sunday 7 July, with an opening event scheduled for 11am.

Council Spokesperson for the Arts, Culture and Innovation Cr Paul Bishop said that everyone was welcome to attend the opening of this first-rate travelling exhibition or to drop in to see it until 18 August 2013.

An Architect’s Eye: The John Mainwaring Collection

Opening event
11am, Sunday 7 July 2013
Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland
RSVP acceptances by Thursday 4 July 2013
Phone RSVP line on 3030 4163 or email

Floor talk
12 noon, Tuesday 9 July 2013
Exhibition Project Manager John Waldron will speak about works from An Architect’s Eye

An Architect’s Eye is part of award-winning Sunshine Coast architect John Mainwaring’s personal collection of mostly contemporary Aboriginal art,” Cr Bishop said.

“The collection includes works by some of today’s best-known practitioners including Eubena Nampitjin, Gloria Petyarre, Sally Gabori, Janangoo Butcher Cherel, Terry Ngamandara Wilson, Netta Loogatha and Elizabeth Nyumi.

“It is no coincidence that we open this exhibition on the first day of NAIDOC Week. It is an opportunity for Council and Redland residents to acknowledge the rich cultural contribution of Aboriginal artists in general and those contributions of our local Quandamooka people – traditional owners of the land and waters we call Redlands.

“Local Aboriginal Elder Joan Hendriks, affectionately known as Aunty Joan, will begin the proceedings with a Welcome to Country ceremony and the local Yulu-burri-ba dancers will perform at the opening event.

“Then we will hear from collection owner John Mainwaring, whose own architectural work has been has been inspired by this collection and, in particular, by the patterning, geometries, abstraction, layering, structures, shading, surface textures, that are so integral to many of the works,” Cr Bishop said.

For a more in-depth understanding of the collection, Exhibition Project Manager John Waldron will speak about works from An Architect’s Eye at a free public floor talk at the gallery at 12 noon, Tuesday 9 July 2013.

Redland Art Gallery, Cleveland is located on the corner of Bloomfield and Middle Streets, Cleveland and is open 9am-4pm Monday to Friday and 9am-2pm on Sundays.

Artwork credit: All the Fish in the Sea 2005, Mirdidingkingathi Juwarnda Sally Gabori, Acrylic on canvas 420 x 195 cm, purchased from Mornington Island Arts & Crafts via WAG.


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Redland City budget leads the way – again

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams has today delivered the lowest headline rates increase in South East Queensland … for the second year in a row.

Cr Williams said the $238 million budget for 2013-14 provided cost of living relief while delivering the high quality services people expected from their Council.

“I was proud of Council’s first budget last year, but I am even more proud of our second, which delivers the surplus I predicted a year ago and a headline rates increase of 1.43 per cent,” she said.

“We have absorbed millions of dollars in external costs imposed on us by other levels of government, providing a reprieve for our ratepayers who otherwise would have been forced to foot the huge bill through significant rate increases.


“Without these external factors, we could have seen a rates freeze.

“Even with these extra costs, this budget places Redland City in an enviable financial position, while still being able to cope with any unforeseen circumstances which may arise.

“This is a budget for today – and for tomorrow. It is responsive, realistic and responsible.

“We are again delivering ratepayers great value for their money.”

Budget highlights

  • Headline rates increase of 1.43 per cent – lowest in SEQ
  • The average residential owner occupied mainland property with a value of $282,000 and using the average amount of water (200kl), will see a rates increase of just 1.1 per cent, including all utilities and levies,
  • In dollar terms this equate to an increase of 66 cents per week or about equivalent to the cost of a postage stamp
  • Predicts first operating surplus for many years
  • Capital program $56.9 million
  • Council water charges up 4.5 per cent – compared with State Government bulk water price hike of 16 per cent
  • Average domestic waste water costs down 13.2 per cent – saving $96 a year to average household
  • Environmental levy reduced by $34.80 per year
  • Rating categories reduced from 45 to 22
  • Southern Moreton Bay Islands (SMBI) residents get access to TransLink network
  • Maintains existing assets
  • Maintains a manageable level of debt

Cr Williams said the 2013-14 Budget would deliver a surplus of $317,000.
media release

“This is the first Redland City Budget in many years to deliver a surplus. It may be relatively small but our solid financial position will make us the envy of many other Councils,” she said.

”The average headline rate increase of just 1.43 per cent balances the needs of the Redlands community with the capacity of residents to pay.

“The average residential owner occupied mainland property, which has a value of $282,000 and using the average amount of water (200kl), will see a rates increase of just 1.1 per cent, including all utilities and levies, or in dollar terms a rate increase of 66 cents per week or about equivalent to the cost of a postage stamp.

“This modest increase fulfills the promise I made during the mayoralty campaign to keep rates to at or below CPI which this year is 2.5 per cent according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics.

“Residents have been hit by massive increases in State Government bulk water prices (up 16 per cent) and electricity charges (up 22.6 per cent), as well as rising grocery and fuel costs.

“People are really hurting. Some South East Queensland councils have passed on their cost increases through rates rises as high as 5 per cent.

“Redland City has crunched the numbers to ensure we can deliver the lowest rates increase possible while delivering all the services people have come to expect.

“This will include a considerable increase in road spending to provide for the future growth of the city.”

Cr Williams said the State-imposed bulk water increase had been offset by a reduction in the cost of Council controlled waste water by 13.23 per cent, or an average $96 a year.

“This saving will mean the average Redland property will actually see a $7.52 fall in utility charges,” she said.

“The fact that we have been able to pass this saving on to residents despite the massive external price increases of water and electricity that Council has opted to absorb is fantastic news for the Redlands community.”

Council has also cut the number of rating categories this year from 45 to 22, providing a more consistent approach and reducing rates for the majority of residents.

“I feel we still have some way to go to achieve reform in rating across the City but this will ensure clear, transparent rationale behind the categories,” Cr Williams said.

The changes to rating categories also reinstates separate canal levies for residents at Raby Bay, Sovereign Waters and Aquatic Paradise, splitting this cost from their general rates to ensure transparency.

“The reinstatement of separate canal levies was requested by the people who live in these areas and they now get greater transparency on how the funds are raised for the expenditure spent on the canals and lake,” Cr Williams said.

“I am proud of the work done in framing this Budget and believe it sets the foundations for the future of the city, especially given the impact of costs which are outside Council’s control.

“We’re certainly heading in the right direction – we have reformed the way we do business and we are putting our City in a position which will leave money in the bank and infrastructure on the ground for generations to come.”

Key areas of capital expenditure

  • Transport: $25 million
  • Waste water: $8.38 million
  • Open space: $4.79 million
  • Marine: $4.34 million
  • Lakes and canals: $3.19 million
  • Water: $1.84 million

Key capital projects

  • Dunwich Sewerage upgrade: $1.6m
  • Point Lookout waste water treatment plant: $15m over three years
  • Capping and rehabilitation of exhausted landfill sites: $3m
  • Macleay Island ramp car park: $3.4m over two years
  • Moreton Bay bikeway
  • Coochiemudlo Island Jetty: $1.85m
  • Headland Park NSI: $500,000


Roads key focus in Redland City Budget

Redland City Council will spend $20 million on capital road projects throughout 2013-14 – including an increased focus on resurfacing local roads.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the roads program announced in today’s (June 27) 2013-14 Redland City Council Budget, would lay the foundations for the future of the city.

“An extra 45,000 residents are expected to call the Redlands home over the next 20 years, so it is important our local road network is able to safely and effectively transport people throughout the city,” she said.


“The 2013-14 Budget significantly increases expenditure for roads resealing and surfacing as well as several safety upgrades to key local roads and intersections.
“Residents have told us roads and road safety are key concerns to them. We have listened, and we have responded, as a good Council should.”

Infrastructure spokesman Cr Murray Elliott, (Division 7), said many of the city’s roads had been built 30-40 years ago and were now nearing the end of their useful lives.
“Council has developed a 10-year program to upgrade roads across the city,” he said.

Cr Elliott said an 82 per cent increase for resurfacing works to $7.5 million and $2 million for pavement rehabilitation were significant, particularly given the external economic challenges the Council faced in framing its Budget.

“Everyone hates potholes,” he said. “Our Budget looks after the assets we have and will keep them in good working order. It delivers a program that will ensure we have a safe, efficient and effective road network and that our city continues to develop.”
The key road projects include a $1.4 million roundabout at the Nelson and Main Road intersection, Wellington Point and a $1.5 million project on King Street, Thornlands.

The island communities will also benefit from the upgrades, particularly given Council’s $2 million commitment to roads on the Southern Moreton Bay Islands.
Coochiemudlo Islanders will benefit from a $400,000 upgrade of Merindah Street.

Key capital road projects for 2013-14:

  • $7.5 million – Resurfacing works across the City
  • $2 million – Pavement rehabilitation across the City
  • $1.5 million – Roundabout at intersection of King Street and Baythorn Drive (Thornlands)
  • $1.4 million – Roundabout at intersection of Nelson and Main roads (Wellington Point)
  • $2 million – Southern Moreton Bay Islands roads upgrades
  • $600,000 – Salisbury Street (Redland Bay) kerb and channel
  • $600,000 – Fitzroy Street (Cleveland) kerb and channel
  • $550,000 – Queen/Wellington streets (Cleveland) road upgrade
  • $400,000 – Merindah Street (Coochiemudlo Island) road upgrade
  • $389,000 – Wellington/McCartney streets (Ormiston) kerb and channel
  • $312,000 – Four safe school travel (SafeST) initiatives at Birkdale State School, Bayview State School (Thornlands), Redland Bay State School and Star of the Sea School (Cleveland)
  • $60,000 – Weippin Street (Cleveland) pedestrian refuge
  • $50,000 – Bloomfield Street (Cleveland) pedestrian improvements
  • $35,000 – Rosewood Street (Birkdale) intersection upgrade

Council Budget delivers for SMBI residents

Redland City Council will effectively neutralise the financial impact of new TransLink services for the majority Southern Moreton Bay Island residents as part of its 2013-14 Budget.

Mayor Karen Williams said a reduction in the infrastructure component of general rates would offset the cost of extending the transport network from July 1.

“I am happy to announce that the extension of the TransLink network to the SMBI – and its subsequent boost to property values and connectivity – will come without an additional cost impact for the majority of islanders,” Cr Williams said.

“The extension of the TransLink network to the SMBI is the best thing that has happened to the islands, and islanders, for years.

“To make this happen after years of lobbying without success, we had to make a contribution to the Government, via a special charge.

“This is a win-win for islanders – they get the enormous advantages of cheaper travel via TransLink and accessibility to and from the SMBI and we have found a way to absorb the cost.

“The Budget offsets the levy cost of $85.46 on island properties by reducing the infrastructure component of rates by a similar amount.”

Cr Williams made the announcement when handing down Council’s 2013-14 Budget on Thursday 27 June, which included the lowest rates rise in South East Queensland.

“By absorbing many external costs rather than passing them on to ratepayers, we are able to hand down a Budget that includes a modest headline rates increase of only 1.43 per cent increase,” she said.

“For the average Redlands property this equates to 66 cents per week or about the price of a postage stamp.”

Cr Williams said it was a 3Rs Budget:

  • It is responsive to the needs of residents and the cost of living pressures they are facing.
  • It is realistic in its objectives, balancing the needs of the community with the ability to pay for projects to set the foundations for the future
  • It is responsible in its fiscal commitments, planning for the future of the city by keeping debt down.

“We are again focusing on the basics – putting our residents first and delivering the services they want,” she said.

Division Five Councillor Mark Edwards said SMBI residents would benefit from several key projects included in this year’s Budget.

“This includes all-ability access to the Lamb Island public toilets, which will include a new pathway to and around the public toilet, as well as infrastructure upgrades and improved lighting,” he said.

“Temporary pedestrian access will be provided to the jetty terminal and temporary toilets will be provided for the duration of the project, which is expected to be complete by the end of July, weather permitting.

“Other Budget items for SMBI include almost $760,000 to upgrade the Macleay Island Ramp Park, car park and boat ramp.

“Pontoons on Macleay and Russell islands will also be upgraded and $2 million has been set aside for future SMBI road projects.”

Some of the SMBI projects included in the 2013-14 Budget:

• Russell Island boat ramp upgrade: $370,000
• Russell Island pontoon upgrade: $40,000
• Russell Island Hall redevelopment: $50,000
• Macleay Island boat ramp upgrade: $412,500
• Macleay Island Bowls Club beach access ramp: $7500
• Macleay Island Bowls Club seawall: $20,000
• Macleay Island ramp park: $499,999.50
• Macleay Island ramp car park: $200,000
• Macleay Island boat ramp: $60,000
• Macleay Island pontoon upgrade: $50,000
• Macleay Island barge ramp (facility renewal): $40,000
• Karragarra Island beach access ramp: $7500
• Bay Islands capital Infrastructure Fund: $67,900
• Future SMBI road projects: $1,000,000
• SMBI road upgrade program: $1,000,000


Road maintenance program to be reinstated

The State Government has responded to pressure from Redland City Council and local MPs and will reinstate its aesthetic maintenance program for State-controlled roads.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams applauded the government for listening to the people. Council ended its contracting services when the Government withdrew funding.

“We received scores of complaints from residents about the overgrown verges on State-controlled roads which had been ignored when the decision was taken to discontinue the aesthetic maintenance program to save money,” Cr Williams said.

“The axing of the aesthetic maintenance program affected our whole community, and all Redland City Councillors have actively advocated on behalf of their divisions to have the decision reversed.

“I wrote to Minister for Transport and Main Roads Scott Emerson and Department of Transport and Main Roads (TMR) Director-General Neil Scales to express our significant concerns.

“The issue was also raised with our local MPs – Peter Dowling (Redlands), Steve Davies (Capalaba) and Mark Robinson (Cleveland) – who strongly supported our stance.

“I am pleased the government has listened. This is a classic example of people power achieving a great result for our city.”

Cr Williams said Council was not willing to sit back and have state-controlled roads ignored and become eyesores.

“As well as writing to express our disappointment that the program had been slashed and our concern that road verges were allowed to become overgrown and an eyesore, we did mow some of the worst-affected areas, despite it not being our responsibility,” Cr Williams said.

“Council looks forward to working closely with TMR on our joint maintenance responsibilities.”

Councillor Paul Bishop (Division 10 – Birkdale/Thorneside), who took to the streets with his own mower in the lead-up to Australia Day, said business, residents, local, state and federal government had a role to play in the community.

“When everyone works together we can achieve so much. It’s good to see the State Government has agreed to continue playing its part in helping to deliver community expectations by funding roadside maintenance,” he said.

Councillor Lance Hewlett (Division 4 – Victoria Point and Coochiemudlo Island), who also voiced his concerns directly to TMR, applauded the decision and thanked Mr Dowling for his strong support to restore funding.

“I have fielded many complaints from residents over the past nine months about excessively long grass, roadside rubbish and litter and just the overall poor quality of maintenance when it was done by TMR contractors,” he said.

“This decision will ensure State-controlled roads such as Colburn Avenue and Cleveland-Redland Bay Road will be maintained more regularly and to the higher standards set by Council.

“The restoration of work will also reduce litter and rubbish build-up on these roadsides.”

Anglicare provides day respite service for seniors from 1 July

The Federal Government has chosen Anglicare Southern Queensland to take over the delivery of Redland City Council’s Community Care Program (day respite for seniors) from 1July 2013.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said Anglicare Southern Queensland was better placed to provide this important community resource. Council had provided day respite services for more than 27 years.

“The Community Care Program has been a well-utilised and popular community service, giving seniors and their carers the much needed opportunity to have a break,” Cr Williams said.

“We are delighted that Anglicare Southern Queensland will continue this program from 1 July, as they already provide a comprehensive range of programs for seniors and will be a wonderful fit for Redlands.

“As a large organisation specialising in providing community programs, Anglicare is able to provide a continuum of care for clients should they require different levels of assistance in the future.

“We are working with Anglicare to ensure the transition is stress-free for our community.”

Acting Executive Director for Anglicare Southern Queensland, Ms Karen Crouch said the organisation was looking forward to serving the Redlands community.

“Anglicare Southern Queensland already provides many aged care programs including help at home, nursing services, residential care and independent living options,” Ms Crouch said.

“It is a natural extension of our existing services to provide the Community Care Program and we are proud to be delivering this service.”

Redlands Community Care Program (day respite for seniors) will continue to operate from the Council-owned building Killara Place in Wynyard Street, Cleveland.

Anglicare Southern Queensland is a not-for-profit organisation committed to social and community welfare issues and aged and community care needs, focusing on disadvantaged members of our community.

Funding for this initiative has come from the Department of Health and Ageing through its Home and Community Care Program.

Mayor wants Canberra funding support for Redland City

Mayor Karen Williams will be highlighting the investment potential of the Redland City and asking senior federal politicians to commit to major transport infrastructure during a visit to Canberra this week (Tuesday and Wednesday).

Cr Williams and other South East Queensland Council of Mayors (SEQCOM) members are travelling to Canberra to fight for federal funding for SEQ priority projects.

“SEQCOM represents one in seven Australians and believes it needs to remind governments of its strong representation,” the Mayor said.

“The visit is perfectly timed in the lead-up to the federal election on 14 September.

“The delegation of Mayors will be seeking support from senior Government Ministers and Coalition Shadow Ministers for a range of priority projects.

“I want to ensure both sides of government are aware of the importance to Redland City of rail, motorway and busway projects.

“With this in mind, I will be seeking a commitment to support the extension of the Eastern Busway from Coorparoo to Capalaba, the Redland City to Gateway Motorway corridor and Redland City to Port of Brisbane corridor and duplication of the Manly to Cleveland rail line.

“Transport infrastructure improvements are essential Redland City to achieve its economic potential.

“There remains a critical need for increased federal investment in our transport infrastructure.”

Cr Williams will meet with Deputy Prime Minister and Treasurer Wayne Swan; Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Anthony Albanese; Opposition Leader Tony Abbott; Shadow Minister for Climate Action, Environment and Heritage Greg Hunt; Shadow Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Warren Truss and Shadow Minister for Regional Development, Local Government and Water Senator Barnaby Joyce.

“We will also push for a fair share of federal funding of projects that will help boost the economic development of the region,” Cr Williams said.

“Redland City could benefit greatly in the areas of tourism, inbound investment, digital investment and investment in natural assets.”

Snapshot – 25 June 2013

Final go cards collection

To help SMBI residents get ready for the 1 July switchover to the TransLink go card ticketing system, a final round of complimentary cards with a $10 travel credit will be available (limited supply):

When: Wednesday 26, Thursday 27 and Friday 28 June
Time: 10am to 2pm
Where: Bay Island Community Services (BICS) premises on Macleay and Russell Islands


School holiday activities

From exciting wildlife activities at Redland IndigiScapes Centre, to craft and storytelling at Redland Libraries and a children’s exhibition and photography workshops at the Redland Art Gallery, there’s lots happening in June and July.

For all the details go to:
• Redland Libraries and Art Gallery activities:
• IndigiScapes activities: or call 3824 8611.


IndigiScapes Activities

To book IndigiScapes events, please call 3824 8611 Christmas in July
Enjoy a delicious traditional three-course Christmas dinner in the middle of winter:
When: Friday 19 July, 7pm
Where: Redland IndigiScapes Centre
Cost: $35
Bookings and payment due 17 July
Bring along a $5 wrapped gift for Secret Santa.

Garden Design in Small Spaces
When: Saturday 20 July, 10am to 11.30am
Cost: $10 per adult, bookings essential

Do you have a small garden, balcony or courtyard? Come and join Linda Brennan from Ecobotanica to learn the basics of designing your own sensational small space.

What to bring on the day: Pencil and eraser, a picture of your small garden space.


Fire Ants – Contaminated soil

It is important residents note that Birkdale and Redland Bay Waste Transfer Stations cannot
receive High Risk Fire Ant material from restricted areas.

Approved disposal sites can be found on the following website
Residents are to contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23 for further information, or if they
suspect and infestation and require an inspection.


Redlands Business Expo 2013

Call for exhibitors

Do you own a local business? For just $325 you can become an exhibitor at Redlands Business
Expo 2013, being held 12-13 July 2013 at Redlands Performing Arts Centre in Cleveland.

For information and to register for an exhibition booth visit,
email or phone 3829 8507.


Open meetings

Thursday 27 June
Special Meeting- Adoption of
2013/14 Budget ………………………………….10.30am

Wednesday 10 July
General Meeting (incorporating Coordination
Committee Meeting) ………………………….10.30am


Mayor and CEO sleep out raises more than $4,400 for homeless

Last night Redland City Mayor Cr Karen Williams and Redland City Council Chief Executive Officer Bill Lyon took part in in the annual St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleep-Out, raising more than $4,400 for homeless.
The Redland Mayor and CEO joined other business and community leaders to raise awareness and important funds in support of essential homeless services across the country.
In the lead-up to the event, Cr Williams and Mr Lyon undertook a dare campaign to raise extra funds towards the cause.


Residents could ‘dare the Mayor and CEO’ to take on challenges including early morning swims, bike ride challenges and donning dreaded ‘Blues’ Origin jerseys and wigs.

Cr Williams raised more than $2900, while Mr Lyon raised $1500 towards supporting homeless programs.
Redland City Council staff donated more than $1100 towards Cr Williams’ total, holding a ‘go comfy for a cause’ day to raise funds, with staff donning pyjamas in the office for a donation.

Collectively, the St Vincent de Paul CEO Sleep-Out raised $732,000 in Queensland alone.

Cr Williams said the event was a humbling experience.

“Our overnight stay on a cold piece of cardboard drove home that there are many people less fortunate than us – people who are homeless through no fault of their own, and people who daily do it tough,” Cr Williams said.

“I would like to thank the Redlands community, local businesses and Council staff for their generous support of this cause.”

Mr Lyon said the money raised would help St Vincent de Paul offer essential services to people most at need.

“After one rough night, I will go home tonight but sadly too many others do not have that opportunity,” Mr Lyon said.

“It was a privilege to work with others in the community to help this cause.”

There are more than 100,000 Australians who find themselves homeless each night of the year. Just under half of these are women and a quarter are under the age of 18.
The Redlands is not immune from homelessness with people sleeping rough and couch surfing. More than 1000 people in our city fall under the ‘disadvantaged’ socio-economic group.

Redlands development projects get green light

Development projects that will move Redland City into an exciting new era have been formally given the green light.

The Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek marine precinct Priority Development Areas (PDAs) have been gazetted following approval by Her Excellency Ms Penelope Wensley, AC, Governor of Queensland.

“I would like to thank the government for its confidence in Redland City’s potential and for providing councils with this unique tool to accelerate much-needed economic development,” Mayor Karen Williams said.

“I also thank Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney for his support of our submissions and Economic Development Queensland for entering the partnership with Council that will deliver long-term benefits to Redland City, and the State.

“It’s now all systems go after the formal recognition of the PDAs.

“I am very proud that two of the first three PDAs declared in Queensland are in Redland City.

“I am even more happy that we have had a number of approaches from potential investors who are interested in being part of these exciting projects.”

Cr Williams said the PDAs would help fast-track development at Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek.

“I had always hoped the declaration of the PDAs and the removal of much red tape would be the incentive we needed to attract genuine interest in these development projects,” she said.

“There is no doubt that this process can significantly fast track these developments, and save investors time and money.

“The development of Toondah Harbour has been talked about since the 1960s – now the hurdles have been removed and we are entering an exciting new era for our wonderful city.

“There is enormous potential at both sites for new water transport services and support facilities, mixed use and medium density residential development, possibly a boutique hotel or convention centre at Toondah Harbour, restaurants and other retail outlets and, importantly, communal areas.

“We want to ensure that public access is retained and that the developments are compatible with the unique nature of the Redlands.

“Interim Land Use Plans (ILUPs) setting out the land uses, development criteria and infrastructure envisaged for both areas have been completed by Economic Development Queensland to guide future development.

“There will also be further consultation with developers, investors, Redlands residents and other stakeholders.

“The final development schemes, infrastructure plans and implementation plans for Toondah Harbour and Weinam Creek will be prepared for statutory approval by the government in early to mid-2014 and then public release.”