Weed of the Week: Singapore Daisy

Name: Singapore Daisy

Scientific name: Sphagneticola trilobata

How to identify the weed: A vigorous ground cover forming a mat, usually in disturbed areas.  It has glossy green leaves growing opposite from the stem and the leaves are usually three-lobed with toothed margins.  It has a yellow-orange daisy flower approximately 2-3cm across with 8-13 petals that are finely toothed at the tip.  Flowers are prominent all year round.

Why is the weed a problem: Introduced from native tropical America this plant has spread rapidly in the coastal parts of south-eastern Queensland and north-eastern New South Wales.  It is regarded as a significant environmental weed in Queensland due to it’s invasiveness and abilty to smother native vegetation.  The plant is spread by stem fragments and cuttings, rarely by seed.

How to manage the weed: Manual removal of the entire plant is one method of control for small infestations. Foliar spraying with appropriate chemicals is also highly effective.  If using chemical control, ensure there is no run-off of the herbicide and no contact with other desirable species. For more information, please contact IndigiScapes on 3824 8611.

Any other interesting facts: Singapore daisy is native to tropical America.

Singapore Daisy

Singapore Daisy