Redlands to benefit from planning ‘health check’ pilot

Redland City will be one of three beneficiaries of a Queensland Government plan to deliver Australia’s best planning scheme.

Mayor Karen Williams said Redland City Council will join Rockhampton and Mackay Regional Councils in a planning system ‘health check’ pilot program.

“I applaud Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney and his department for identifying the need to streamline local government planning processes and launching a pilot aimed at improving the current system,” she said.

“While we have made some ground, there remains an urgent need for council planning processes to be improved, here in Redland City and elsewhere.

“We have to slash planning red tape and the best way to do that is to simplify the process, while retaining the necessary safeguards.

“There are currently no performance measures in Queensland that allow an assessment of the performance of local government planning systems as a whole, or individually.

“Under the pilot, Redland City Council will assess our own processes against best practice from across Australia, identify areas for improvement and report against meaningful key performance indicators.

“I am very happy to be raising the bar to prove our planning credentials and performance and therefore outcomes for potential investors.”

The pilot project will identify a simple range of data that can be publicly reported and allow council, the state and public to clearly understand the performance of the planning processes in a local authority.

“The health check will provide a snapshot of what a council is doing against identified best practice,” Cr Williams said.

“This is a great way for councils to understand their performance, compare it to others and identify areas for improvement.

“Redland City needs a streamlined and ‘healthy’ planning system to reduce assessment red tape and cost.

“The State Government is determined to deliver the best planning scheme in Australia and Redland City wants to be part of it.”