Red-tape cut with latest Redland Planning Scheme amendments

Redland residents can look forward to a more streamlined planning assessment process thanks to new amendments to the Redland Planning Scheme (took effect on 15 April 2013).

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the minor amendments would improve the planning process by reducing red-tape and duplication with other legislation, such as the Queensland Development Code.

“Applicants will find the latest version of the Redlands Planning Scheme more user-friendly – with a reduction, and in some cases total removal, of planning requirements for certain types of development.

“I am delighted to be able to deliver on my promise to the people of Redlands to reduce unnecessary red tape wherever possible.

“As a Council we are about making it easier to do business, not harder.”

Redland City Council spokesperson for Planning and Development Cr Julie Talty said Council planning applications would no longer be needed for most domestic additions, outbuildings and swimming pools in residential areas.

“This type of building work will be assessed against the Queensland Development Code so in most cases all you will need from Council is a building approval,” Cr Talty said.

“Similarly, relative’s apartments (e.g. granny flats) are now included in state legislation as a secondary dwelling under the Dwelling House Code, so they won’t usually need a Council planning application either.

“We encourage applicants to check on our website or with officers on building application requirements.

“Reconfiguring lot sizes will be easier with the minimum standard lot size now 450 square metres, down from 500 square metres, in line with the rest of the state.

“All this means it will be quicker, easier and less costly for Redland families to make changes to their own homes and residential properties.”

Planning Scheme changes include:

  • Council planning applications no longer required for most domestic additions (e.g. home extensions), outbuildings and private swimming pools.
  • Council planning application no long required for most relative’s apartments (granny flats).
  • Minimum standard lot size reduced from 500m2 to 450m2.
  • Relaxation of requirements for car parking in commercial centres.

View the latest version of the Redland Planning Scheme (Version 5.2) on our website.