Local tourism to receive international exposure

Redlands will gain international exposure through a new tourism campaign to be released from this weekend (Sunday 28 April).

Redland City Mayor Cr Karen Williams said the campaign would showcase the wonderful locations of the Redlands as well as the unique local tourism providers.

“The Redlands has it all. World class beaches, beautiful foreshores and picturesque hinterlands and all just 35 minutes from Australia’s third largest city,” Cr Williams said.

“This campaign will showcase these amazing locations to an international market with it being featured in New Zealand as well as throughout Australia.”

A partnership between Redland City Council and Brisbane Marketing the campaign will highlight the Redlands in print, online and television advertising. The first insert will appear in the Sunday Mail this weekend.

“A total of 30 local tourism providers are participating in the campaign that is the largest response ever for the Redlands,” Cr Williams said.

“This response is an indication of the passion of local providers and the variety of tourism services on offer.

“In addition to highlighting our beautiful natural environment, our rich cultural heritage and our unique locations the campaign will also include a variety of deals from Redlands tourism providers.

“Due to the enthusiasm of local tourism providers and the proactive approach by Redland City Council, the Redlands will be one of the best represented areas in this campaign.

Spokesperson for Council’s Tourism and CBD activation portfolio Councillor Craig Ogilvie said locations such as North Stradbroke Island, the Southern Moreton Bay Islands and the rural hinterland, meant the Redlands was an attractive and competitive destination of choice for visitors.

“The Redlands have been featured in international tourism publications and it is no wonder with the locations, climate and community feel we have on offer,” Cr Ogilvie said.

“Tourism attracts more than a million visitors to the Redlands each year and is a large contributor to our local economy.

“Visiting friends and relatives are a big part of our tourism sector and our residents are proud to showcase what we have on our doorstep to their visitors.

“The Redlands will also host the annual tourism summit in July and tourism awards in May. This activity means the Redlands and all of our great locations are well and truly on the national and international tourism radar at the moment.”

Check out deals from the Redlands.

More information on the campaign can be found at www.visitbrisbane.com.au.