Council is not defying the State Government on bat management

Council would like to clarify the front page article in the Bayside Bulletin on Tuesday, 2 April in which it was claimed Redland City Council was defying the Queensland Government by not removing flying-fox colonies.

Council was approached by the Bayside Bulletin to comment on an article in which Premier Campbell Newman discussed the State Government removing flying-fox colonies and charging Councils in return.

In response, Council correctly stated that management of flying-foxes comes under State Government jurisdiction. Council also stated that it had not been approached by the Premier or State Government to take on the management of flying-foxes.  As such, Council is unable to comment on the form such management would take. Council has not had the opportunity, nor the reason at this time, to debate the issue.

Council has developed operational guidelines for undertaking operational work in and around roost sites to ensure compliance with State Government legislation.

If there was a public safety issue regarding flying-foxes in the Redlands, Council would take the necessary steps to remedy the situation.

Council officers have identified 16 flying-fox roost sites in the Redlands – all but one of these are temporary and the number of flying-foxes that use them, how often, and for how long, is governed by environmental and climatic conditions.

All flying-foxes and their roost sites are protected under state legislation (The Nature Conservation Act 1992). The Grey-headed Flying-fox is also protected by federal legislation and is listed as vulnerable under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act (EPBC Act).