School sports precinct pilot a step closer

A pilot partnership to provide top-flight sporting facilities for community use at Victoria Point State High School has moved a step closer with news of a state government grant.

Redland City Council Open Space, Sport and Recreation Councillor Lance Hewlett welcomed government funding of $100,000 for the proposed community sporting precinct partnership.

“This innovative partnership between the Council, state, school and the local sporting community has moved a step closer with news of the grant under the Department of National Parks, Recreation, Sport and Racing’s Get Playing program to Redlands Junior Rugby League Club Inc,” Cr Hewlett, the local Division 4 Councillor, said.

“It comes on top of a $20,000 seed funding commitment from Council to help light the high school oval.

“Under the pilot, the school oval and sports facilities would be significantly upgraded, to enhance rugby league, AFL, cricket, soccer, hockey, athletics and recreation activities at the school site.

“Stage 1 involves lighting of the school ovals for night training and activities, with future stages to deliver further enhancements.

“This pilot is a priority sporting project for Redland City Council and will serve as a model for other communities in the future.”

Cr Hewlett said the city was facing a shortage of quality sporting facilities and maximising use of existing public facilities was sensible.

“Rather than embark on costly land searches and acquisitions and then starting sporting projects from scratch, it makes good sense for us to consider how we can enhance our existing sporting assets,” he said.

“We established a sports reference group headed by Raymond Adams from the school and have been working for months to turn this dream into a reality.

“Council and the school have backed this approach right from the start and the school and local sporting communities will be the winners.

“This is not only a good use of existing facilities but an investment in the future that Council is happy to make.”

A total of $8,129 has also been approved for the North Stradbroke Island Golf Club at Dunwich to install an automated irrigation system to support golf on the Island.

Further to the infrastructure funding received under the Get Playing Program, the State Government also announced that the city will receive participation funding grants for 15 clubs across the Redlands, under the State’s Get Going program.

Redland City Mayor Karen Williams said the participation funding is a huge win for the community because it aims to support initiatives and activities that create opportunities for people to get active.

“This combined funding total of $116,163 is support at the grass-roots level, which includes providing equipment, coaching and training for these clubs,” Cr Williams said.

‘Council will continue to work hard to identify opportunities to partner with schools and sporting clubs and organisations within the City, to optimise community use of these facilities.”

Organisation Name Project Description Location Approved $
North Stradbroke Island Rugby League and All Sports Club Inc Conduct training and accreditation, deliver a

promotional campaign and purchase equipment to support rugby league at Dunwich

Dunwich $9,972
The Bay Islands Golf Club Inc Develop a coach mentoring program to support multi sports on Macleay Island Macleay Island $9,957
The Russell Island Bowls Club Inc Provide a participation program and coach

accreditation to support multi-sports on Russell Island

Russell Island $9,502
Bayside Basketball Association Inc


Provide a referee and coaching mentor program and purchase equipment to support basketball at Victoria Point Victoria Point $9,445


Cleveland Air Magic Association Inc Purchase skipping equipment and providing first aid accreditation for volunteers to support skipping at Cleveland Cleveland $5,619
Redland Bay Golf Club Incorporated Purchase of cardio golf equipment to support golf at Redland Bay Redland Bay $8,610
Redland Softball Association Incorporated purchase equipment, provide volunteer accreditation and conduct a membership drive to support softball at Redlands Ormiston $9,725
Redlands Athletics Inc Provide coach and first aid accreditation and volunteer training to support little athletics at Cleveland Cleveland $9,760
Redlands B.M.X. Club


Purchase lap scoring and timing equipment to

support BMX at Redlands

Capalaba $8,760
Redlands Cricket Inc Purchase equipment and conduct coach

accreditation and training to support cricket at


Wellington Point $5,989
Redlands Rugby Union and Recreation Club Inc Purchase equipment to support rugby union at


Birkdale $5,140
Redlands Swim Club Inc Purchase equipment and deliver a youth

development program and conduct coach

accreditation to support swimming at Cleveland

Cleveland $2,616
Redlands Touch Association Inc Conduct referee accreditation for volunteers and conduct membership drives to support touch football at Redlands Cleveland $10,000
Victoria Point Sharks Sporting Club Inc Purchase of equipment and training and

accreditation to support multi-sports at Victoria Point

Victoria Point $7,495
Wellington Point Bowls Club Inc Purchase equipment to support lawn bowls at

Wellington Point

Wellington Point $3,546
    TOTAL $116,163